A 5 week wait!!!


I’m new here - and worrying myself stupid.

I’m 46 and discovered a lump about 6 weeks ago. I waited through a cycle to see if it was hormonal and would go of its own accord but it didn’t. So i went to the doctors on Tuesday and she said she would refer me to the breast clinic. On Saturday the appointment came through for 23 May!!! That’s 5 weeks from referral. I am beside myself with worry and can’t believe it will take so long.

For one thing, I have a Mirena coil and they can cause real problems if you have bc. Also, I have a history of anxiety and clinical depression so you can imagine what this is doing to me. I also have a history of breast lumps.

I don’t know if things are different in Scotland but I thought you had to be seen within 2 weeks.

Is there anything I can do now either to speed the referral process up or to keep myself sane during the waiting period. I am so cross about this. When I had to be referred last time it took about 4 weeks but this is even worse!!!

will bump this up 4 u dundeemeg as im not in ur area.best of luck alex xx

Ring the clinic and ask to be put on the waiting list for an earlier cancellation.National guidelines say you should be seen within 3 weeks I think[or is it two]but that is in England.
Good Luck

I’m in Aberdeen not Dundee so can’t comment directly, and I didn’t find a lump, I went for a routine genetic screen adn they found my ‘dimple’, so can’t compare directly.

I’d definitely chase both your GP and the clinic but take heart from the fact that most lumps aren’t malignant, and that it sounds like your GP isn’t too worried or they’d definitely have asked for an urgent referral.

Let us know how you get on!


PS I share your pain - my last (2 year anniversary mammogram) showed calicification in affected boob which can be fine or can not be, and my first biopsy (10 days later) was inconclusive and I’m now waiting results of 2nd biopsy (delayed due to Easter and May Day holidays …)

Dundeemeg, I was seen at Ninewells in May 2009. It was suggested to me to phone the receptiionist at the breast clinic for a cancellation. Unfortunately they had no current cancellations but she told me I could phone twice a day if I wanted, so that’s what I did and after maybe the 3rd or 4th day of trying I managed to get a cancellation and my apointment was brought well forward. There were only certain days the clinic was open, can’t remember which, but of course this was 2 years ago. Maybe ask as well if there is a chance you can be seen at Perth - my surgery was there as I nearly flipped when I was told at Ninewells that I’d have to wait a few weeks as the surgeon was going on holiday. Not sure if there even is a screening clinic in Perth, but you never know. Good luck phoning. I phoned about 9.30 in the mornings and again just after lunch.

Thanks for the advice.

I spoke to a GP friend at church who said that if the GP had suspicions I would have been seen a lot quicker and that she wouldn’t be worried by my particular history.

That said, she also suggested that I talk to my GP when I can and tell them how long it is going to take. They should then tell me what they put on my referral form so I’ll have a better idea of what they were thinking.

Of course, I know that GPs don’t know everything and even a lump they think isn’t too suspicious can turn out to be so…

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted - and will also contact the breast clinic to see if I can get a cancellation earlier too. I think that the biggest battle for me will be holding off the depression and anxiety that threatens to engulf me. I’ve worked so hard to get it under control over the past year and am about to embark on learning how to be a counsellor myself - so all of this is just rotten timing. x

I get my treatment at the Western General in Edinburgh and have never had to wait more than 2 weeks for anything after my routine mammogram showed suspicious areas last October. I would feel the same as you. You should ask for a sooner referral. The worry in itself can make you ill.

With so many bank holidays, it’s not surprising that iyt seems like a long delay, as these clinic days will be lost. I’m so sorry that your g.p. “friend” has worried you, rather than reassured you-the vast majority of lumps are benign-sometjing he/she would have done well to stress. Hope you get a good result.

Thank you so much for all the advice.

I rang Ninewells at 9.30 this morning asking for a cancellation appointment and they asked if I could get to Perth next week. Apparently, some slots at Perth had become available late on Friday and they had decided that they should go to Dundee ladies (should anyone ring up for a cancellation appointment) because it wasn’t “fair” that we should miss out on so much clinic time just because of Bank Holidays!

I am totally amazed and very pleased. Just over a week of waiting now rather than the 4 I was facing.

I’ll let you know how it all goes…

Have just got back from Perth and am pleased to say that it was a cyst. Phew!

Was well impressed with Perth - they had my old records, so could do comparisons etc etc. A really good service.

Just to say a big thank you for all the support I have received on here over the past couple of weeks. I have learnt so much and have been inspired by your stories and spirit. Should I ever have to join your “exclusive club”, I will join it with a lot less fear than I would otherwise have done - so thank you.


Fantastic news, I’m so pleased for you! xxx

Thanks for sharing your good news, meg, we always like good news!

Way to go Dundeemeg!

Great news and thanks for letting us know - it is nice for other ladies who will experience the same symptons you had to know that it is not always bad news. x