A Bit of Humour

Before I retired, my firm used to regularly send its staff on training sessions. We used to fight to be allowed to go on these courses because as well as being a break from the routine of the office, in those less cost-conscious days, training took place in a really swanky hotel and as a bonus every participant was given a delicious free lunch. In this establishment no expense had been spared, even the loos were like something out of a Hollywood film, with marble basins, gold taps, pot-pourri, tiny free samples of luxury hand moisturiser and soothing piped music. One day, after lunch, I decided that it might be wise to go and ‘powder my nose’ before the afternoon session commenced, so there I was, relaxing on the ‘throne’ in one of the cubicles, gazing up admiring the fancy crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. After the morning session a magnificent buffet had been provided so naturally I had stuffed myself with quiche, vol-au-vents, mini-samosas etcetera and I was feeling very sleepy by now and in danger of nodding off. Suddenly the music abruptly changed from a relaxing Strauss Waltz to that atmospheric piece, the 1812 Overture, complete with crashing cymbals and the sound of cannons blasting off every few seconds. That woke me up alright - I was so shocked that I nearly fell of my perch. The music got louder and louder until it reached a deafening crescendo, at which point I couldn’t help myself, I started giggling hysterically until tears were rolling down my cheeks because it seemed utterly bizarre to be sitting there with my chain-store knickers around my ankles, trying to ‘spend a penny’ (to use an euphemism) amidst all the opulence with this well-known classical piece thundering out in the background. It was surreal and it still makes me smile when I remember that day.

Hi Feistyflora, 

Thank you for sharing that uplifting and funny story :) 

I am sure some of our users will be along soon to offer their own stories and share a bit of humour!

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The 1812 overture, in a toilet, well that is most peculiar…I would have been laughing too! The cheap knickers, sitting on the loo and dramatic classical music shouldn’t be things that go together. Lol

Made me giggle thanks x