A bit shocked

Hi all,

First post to the site but been reading for a few days.

A few months ago (I know!) I found a little lump in my right breast, and finally got round to asking for it to be looked at just over a week ago.

Today I had a clinic appointment with mammo and ultrasound. The good news is there’s nothing untoward going on in that side. Not so good, they’ve found microcalcifications causing concern on the left. I’m not entirely sure where on the left but I have had surgery for a fibroadenoma, and a cyst aspirated that side and they’ve said it might be that, or a previous infection (?). They did mention cancer, but said if it is it is very early, and it’s good I went for this work-up.

I am now to have core biopsy within the next 2 weeks to explore further. I am 43, if that has any bearing.

Feeling a bit wobbly, but not even sure I should be!

Any advice/experienes very welcome!


Well thank goodness you went to get your lump investigated, it is so easy to keep putting it off.

of course you feel wobbly, its a huge shock. I have just read two posts of people who have been going through hell worrying for the past two weeks, and they have come back on to say that the results were that it was not cancer. So even if there is no need to worry it is only natural to do so.

Microcalsifications, I think these little jobbies did not used to show up on the old equipment, but the new scans are so accurate they pick up everything.

All i can say is that 50% of core biopsies are negative. If it turns out that you are in the wrong 50% there are still so many treatments nowadays that do not interfeer with your life for too long. Lumpectomies and you are fit again in a few weeks, radiotherapy can be sore but not for long, hormone therapy, etc, all treatments that are less invasive than chemo.

I had my little op (i am 65) three weeks ago and am now completely back to life 100% going to have 4 weeks of rads but have met the team and it is going to be fine. I am active and not overweight so I am hoping i will not have too many side effects with hormone tablets.

Dont google. Lots of the information is out of date, and anyway its nearly all american and they do things different to here. Insurance companies pay more for certain treatments than others so thats what they prescribe.

Do come on here to ask questions or just to express worries, we all remember what it was like waitng for results and wanting to know what was happening to us. I think that part of it is worse than the treatment

hello bunny, bet you cant think straight at the moment its understandable, but dont panic just yet, i know from experience that calcifications can be a normal process, sort of an age thing… yes they can also be a sign of something more sinister.
the core biopsys are for your doctor to get a better picture of whats going on in your breast tissue, a core biopsy takes very small samples of tissue and these get sent off to the lab for a better look, the breast surgeon cant really say whats there untill he /she has the path report, it could quite easily come back clear, as you have previously had problems in that breast . but on the other hand if your report signals something else may be going on at least you have been seen and are in the process of getting whatever it may be sorted out, hope all goes well, i know this is a difficult and very worrying time, but there are lots of ladies here to support you and answer any questions, angie x

Hello, the waiting is the worst, it is horrible. My advice is don’t surf the web, there are all sorts of out of date info, this website is great. Try to write down your questions, and write down their responses or take someone else with you, believe me good news or bad you won’t remember all they said.
The helpline here is fantastic, calm, reassuring and informative, so if you are worried ring them, they really helped me.
Good luck, thinking of you.

Hi Bunny


I had almost the same experience. Found a lump in left boob, went for mammo, etc. Also found cysts in right boob and calcifications in both.

Had biopsies on lump and calcifications. Unfortunately the lump was BC but calcifications all OK - apparently they are often associated with cysts. Hope yours turn out the same.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for all your replies ladies.

Today was very up and down, veering from this is just a bad scare to omg how did I get to here. I think I was convinced the lump I can feel was nothing (and it isn’t, so that 9/10 thing is very right) but am gobsmacked there might be something there that I was utterly clueless about.

I rang the helpline a little while ago and quizzed the nurse (she was probably sick of the barrage!) and WORST case scenario seems to be DCIS, but there seems to be a lot of variation in there.

Finally told my husband last night, didn’t seem worth him worrying but as well as needing him to take me to the biopsy, I realise you need someone with you as there’s just too much to take in once they’ve given you not-so-good news. I even forgot to hand in the form they gave me!

I will be back, no doubt, thank you x



Today things took an unexpected but more reassuring turn.

I rang up to check the form I had sent in had got to the hospital and had a quick chat to the BCN.

Apparently they are trying to get hold of the mammo’s I had done at another hospital to see if the microcalcifications were there then. It was done about 10 years ago (just realised they need my previous name!).

If they are on the old films nothing more will be done other than a little monitoring. If they weren’t then it’s back to plan A for a biopsy.

The BCN said it’ll prob be 2-3 weeks before I hear anything, so I would think on that timescale they’re not too worried about anything. I’m not off tge hook yet but I feel a bit closer to it!

Thank you all again,