A book that can help

I don’t know if new members are supposed to start a new thread, but here goes. I’ve found a brilliant book that is helping me to cope with my feelings. I’ve done a few posts about it but realised i could start a new thread! It’s called Emotional support through breast cancer. It’s by a woman whose a psychologist and had breast cancer and it says all the stuff i’ve been thinking and feeling. I keep it in my handbag now! Do take a look at it, you can get it on Amazon and it’s cheap.

Hope it helps,


Hi Kazey,


If you mean the Cancer survivors companion by Dr Frances Goodhart, it is also available on iTunes ibooks. It is very good.



I read this too and found it amazingly helpful. I think it should be compulsory for all professionals dealing with cancer patients. It would be a great help for carers too. It’s on my kindle and I keep dipping back in to it whenever I feel a wobble!

Hi Kazey,

Thanks for your thread. Although I am now 10 years down the line, I still have wobbly moments (having one at the moment!), so I was really pleased to read this - I have just ordered it now - thank you.