A "boosters" question ...

Hi there lovely ladies - may I say how fetching your tanned boob and armpit are looking!

I am very confused and with it all being in “tehcnical foreign” I have to reply on this site for 95% of my info!

I am having 28 normal sessions then 5 others - I thought “boosters”

but …

I have just discovered that the 28 normals have meant that I was radiated from 5 positions - I worked this out myself! To the boob an lymph nodes. Am struggling to undertand why so many as lymph nodes samples were clear (one very large though).

I have been dreading what I thought were “boosters” as radio knobbles me completely and so I thought with “boosters” I would be knocked out completely.

I have just discovered that my final 5 are all to do with the lymph nodes and I will be radiated from 3 positions only … is this a booster ???

really very confused about all of it

perhaps as i am a triple negger - or have a lot of boob ? - or someone has made a mistake? …

any info gratefully received ladies and gents
thanks a lot
love FB xxxx - 24 down and 4 normal and 5 “others” - possibly boosters to go!

dont know if this will help but I had 33 rads 25 normal then 8 boosters.The 25 they did the whole breast from 2 different angles.With the boosters I was marked where the tumor had been (a big circle was drawn in pen) and only this part was zapped.
love and best wishes mell.


I have just finished my rads & had 25 normal sessons from 3 different positions 2 on the full breast & then my neck lymph nodes. I then had 5 boosters on just my scar area. They were marked with pen ( as mells were) & then an attachemtn was put on the machine which will touched my skin & a different type of radiotherapy was used for this area. I have quite big boobs ( well big all over really ) but I think that that only effects the main bit of the treatment. My Onc said that if you are bigger chested then they have to do it slower ( not sure why) and over a longer period of time.

Not sure if that helps

Good luck anyway


great - thanks very much for that - sounds like a slow casserole of tough meat rather than a quick stirfry!!!

at least if they start drawing all over me I won’t worry …

thanks again
love FB xx

no idea, just started rads, have only 15 for some reason which are done in 3 different places, hope you find out soon! I had it in one large lymph node and one of the positisons Im in is to give rads to nodes in neck in case there’s anything lurking


I’ve just finished 25 rads - 20 normal and then 5 boosters / targetted. My axilla wasn’t done as I had full clearance, so in my normal daily rads I had 2 blasts, and targetted was just one.

I asked a few questions, and what I gleaned in my case was - normal rads are protons and can do harm to internals which is why they are angled shots along the breast rather than into it (ie if you drew a knife along their “firing” line you would slice a segment of breast off, iykwim). The targetted rads then concentrated on the area where my lump was and as Tips said, the m/c had an attachment and it placed right next to your skin and is pointed right at / into your breast (or area being targetted - in my case target area covered from under arm to nipple and top to bottom of breast, so fairly large target!!). I was told these were electrons and the treatment was far more superficial, which is why they can point them “into” you! My skin started peeling at this stage, and they said that was quite usual as the boosters affect the skin more.

I wasn’t too badly affected by rads, sounds like you are having a nightmare. But hopefully if the boosters are more superficial then you might not be impacted as badly? Fingers crossed anyhow. Hope your skins holds up too. Not sure about no of sessions etc, but I think most folk at the hospital I was treated at got 25? For the record though, I’m also a triple negative gal, and used to be large, but as I had large lump removed from one side and reduction on other, am much smaller now ;-). Good luck with your final few rads,


PS I may have got my protons and electrons the wrong way around mind you, but the explanation of the nature of the treatment is ok, I think … even though I’m obviously not speaking with real medical knowledge!! Hope it helps.

You have it correct. I have just finished my last (WHOPPEEEEE) regular session tonight of rads. The techs and doc drew a rectangle around my scar which is what will be targeted over the last 7 booster sessions. They described the electroon vs proton to me too. I am sorry to learn that my skin may peel on my chest but so bit it. It is peeling in under my arm already and is painful.

Anyway, you are right on!!!

FB- just hang in there and this will be done. I am counting down each day. When done, my total will be 35 session.

All I can say is WOO HOO I can see the light. I am also 3Neg so no more after this. Fingers crossed as you all say…


Thanks very much - very informative - understand far better now

Am hanging on in there - I chat to Lily a lot and i was telling her that now it’s nearly over I feel like MOANING SHOUTING and SCREAMING - are any of you the same ??? I just feel like taking a big breath and doing a lion-roaring AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! - like a wrestler …

I just feel like letting everything out (that i didn;t know was in there) - it’s all a bit wierd - so RELEIVED but feel like I need to do something very physical - I just can’t explain it

last “normal” tomorrow and then 5 “boosters” and then ffffrrrreeeedom … can;t wait

love FB xx

sorry your skin is peeling EJ - sounds painful - still nearly over

I so know what you mean FB, I just wanted to scream and scream and scream. Also had vision of myself running down the street naked, beating my chest like a savage and roaring at anyone and everyone. Now where did that one come from???

As it was, my last day was an anticlimax and I felt quite emotional/weepy (big sap!). I managed to plaster on a smile and did actually enjoy the bubbly that my folks brought up for me. But that low feeling passed too, and I’m pinching myself now and again to tell myself “I’m done, I’m actually done!!”. Which is quite apt, as my skin is pretty well burnt and peeling - properly “done”.

Good luck to you all with your last few rads - nearly there. Hope the skin holds out. Take care,


congratulations scotta!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
So exactly which town do you live in so we can watch you streak by before the men in white coats carry you away for doing Tarzan impressions?? LOL LOL

I think you mentioned sex as your physical thing!! And we don’t wan’t to watch that either !!! LOL

Have a great time ladies you earned it. Wish I could join you. No such luck got stuck in the slow lane of the M25 on a bank holiday. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Lily x x

Thanks Scotta - glad to know I’m not alone ! neither will you be if you do that!!!

Lil - your time will come i can remember being where you are - it’s funny but suddenly the end will seem much closer - you’ll kno what I mean when you get there

by the way - mallysally wants to know WHY we have boosters … anyone ???

night night love FB xx

God, dont want to see that vision down the street, or maybe it would be a good cheer up, congrats for finishing, thing I will cry when I finish as a big wuzz, plus side is only see the nurses for a few minutes so not as emotional with them!!! third of way into rads thank god

no boosters for me, what ever they are

well, I am still kicking as they say…am down to 3 boosters. After today’s session, it will be only 2!!!

It all ends on Tues, Oct. 7th. Thank God! I am hating these boosters. The difference, in my understanding, is they change from photons bombarding our bodies to electrons. Electrons excite the upper layers of skin more and it is more focused. I am finding the apparatus they put on the rads machine terrifying. It is too close to the skin and I am terrifed that this huge machine will bear down on me and crush me. Totally paranoid. They have very logically explained that the machine can’t fall, it is all connected. The tech also took down the insert they put in the extension to the rads machine (for want of a better name) and it is heavy!!! Steel surrounding just a little cloud of an opening that targets my skin. So as they are explaining, I am thinking OMG its heavier than I thought.

Anyway, it is prob the drain of being a specimen since March. When this is done I WILL scream and shout and then very unceremoniously, move on with my life!!! The pain will fade, the arm will heal, life will go on. And I won’t have to bear my chest to anyone … woo hooo!!! Let us hope the examined life will have a reprieve!!!

I hesitate to add…that makes 32 rads down…3 to go!!!

good for you Lisa that you don’t need boosters…
hang in there FB— you are so almost there!!!

hugs to you all (ever so gently…)

hi EJ and everyone else

I’m 30 down 3 to go …

don’t think I’m having boosters … think it’s the same as before but only in 3 places instead of the usual 5 … same machine and no unusual attachments …

good luck everyone …
love FB xx