A little good news and wigs!

I’m sure you have probably seen, I have posted lots of threads on here since discovering my Mum has breast cancer and what a fantastic help it has been to us both. From the moment Mum said a lump had been found I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be cancer. But then it was, and then it was a grade 3 and then it wasn’t hormone receptive and I started to think I should just always prepare myself for the worst news every time.

But then last week we were told that CT and bone scan results came back clear - the cancer hasn’t spread. It was such amazing news as we had both managed to convince ourselves that it had. I know we still have a journey with the breast cancer but it was just finally good to hear something was promising. So now Mum starts chemo tomorrow, and I scared out of my head. I can’t sleep properly, even feeling ill myself through anxiety, but we will deal with it as and when and be positive.

I also just wanted to add that we went to Trendco in Kensington last week for wigs, something we thought would be quite traumatic and difficult. The staff (especially Michael) were amazing and made the whole experience enjoyable and after two hours we finally carried out an elimination round of the 6 wigs we couldn’t choose between! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Best wishes to everyone!

So glad to hear you have some good news. I understand what you are saying about you being nervous. Every time I come up for a chemo session my husband can’t sleep the night before…he feels all sick the next day and gets an awful headache…lasts for a couple of days and goes away as soon as he sees that I am getting better again. Thinking of you and your mum and hope chemo goes well for her… she will be able to join the raspberry cordial brigade…(red wee)!

Hi Michelle

Delighted to hear your good news - it’s always brilliant when one of us has something good to report. Please pass my best wishes to your mum as she starts on this next stage of the journey. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless.


Hi Michelle,

Trendco are awesome aren’t they! I went to the one in Birmingham for my wig and they were superb, soooooo professional. Mind you, they do do the wigs for most major celebs so I guess I should’ve expected that. I am so glad you found the experience of trying out wigs with your mum a pleasurable one!

I wish your mum all the best as she starts chemo tomorrow. It is a scary time for all of you, chemo is hard going but very doable. If I can do it, anyone can!!! I hope your mums first session goes as smoothly as mine did when I started in May, and is nowhere near as scary as she may be imagining it will be,

Take care, thinking of you both,