A male BC news story

A male BC news story

A male BC news story I know that you guys feel that the BC world doesn’t pay enough attention to your needs, so I thought of you when I saw this story.

From the looks of it, it might be good for male BC patients to check for melanoma and also make sure their relatives get genetic screening.


BC in Men Thanks Christine
It is an Interesting bit of reading.
I have two sons and and so I will be asking my Oncologist about screening when I see him next.
Thanks for thinkng about us too.

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Thanks for that. Hi Christine

I, too, found it interesting and thanks for passing it on. I have never asked about genetics, perhaps because I didn’t want to hear any of my sons may be at risk!

It’s a strange thing this breast cancer , my mother and four sisters have never been bothered at all about problems with their breasts!

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Genetic Screening Christine, Thanks for the pointer to this web site - it is very informative and just goes to show that the USA have identified that this disease is worth further investigation when occurring in Men.

I have been for genetic screening and am awaiting my results. This was only considered, because of the history of related cancers in my family. I must admit I am hoping that the results come back negative for any Gene mutation, this would prevent any possible transference of guilt, namely my mother for giving it to me and/or me giving it to my two daughters.

I remain conscious of these problems and I have decided that I will judge how best to handle the news, when I receive it. Sometimes it is best just to consider yourself unlucky rather than pursuing the reason why - when it can have a dramatic impact on your family. Not an easy choice.

In my opinion, unless you really want to know why and you have a considerable history of breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancers in the family and are willing to accept the responsibility of transferring guilt - don’t get genetic testing.

The American article gives other possibilities that contribute to the occurrence in men; alcohol, fitness, weight etc the genetic link is not the only possibility. Look at your lifestyle and take a considered approach.



Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer With regard to genetic testing for breast cancer, my husband had this done and the results came back negative which was good news. What they don’t tell you is that they only test 60% of the gene so really they are very lucky if they happen to find the fault. It is like looking for a spelling mistake in a very, very large book according to our geneticist. At the end of the day you must consider all the options and if you have children (male of female) ensure that they check themselves and if they find a lump that they get it checked out as soon possible. Early detection still seems to be the way forward.

By the way, i saw an item this week on This Morning where you can have your saliva analyzed. It costs I think around £500 and it is only done privately but if you felt you were at risk then I suppose £500 is not too much to pay.

Unfortunately, my husband’s news has not been good with regard to his treatment and we have been told that it is terminal. He now has tumours in lymph nodes, lungs and just this week it was found in his bones. Its such a terrible illness but if caught early you do seem to get a second chance at life.

Lots of luck to everyone.