A need to share my good news

Hiya ladies,
i would just like to share this news with you all, after been told that ALL 25 nodes were involved( as you all know made me freak out) so today when i went to see a new Onc for my reveiw,she told me that my CT scan was clear…OMG i could have kissed her. I am so pleased…all i can say is that my nodes did a blooming good job…so the aggressive chemo and radiotherpay plus the wonderful drug Herceptin will hopefully mop up any little demons that might be lurking about…H0wever i am not going to get too complacent about this as i know there are chances of recurrance etc, etc specially the fact i am er negative…
I will sleep better at night now…

K xx


Hi, I just saw your post, that’s fantastic news, I think you should have a very large drink tonight!
Michelle x

thanks guys…and michelle i cant have a drink coz im having chemo tmo lol, but i will do when its my third week …the red wine will be calling lol x

So pleased to hear it - now breathe!

awwww really pleased for you karen xxxxx

Thanks so much guys ,although i dont see myself out of the woods yet and ive still got a long way to go and we all know how sneaky cancer can be, but it sure is nice to know that it hasnt spread…it’s just a weight off my mind now. I just want to put across to anyone with heavy lympth nodes involvement does not mean its spread…omg im obsessing about blooming lympth nodes…they are taking over my life lol…

Hi KB,
Am over the moon for you, what brilliant news xxxxxxxx
I am pretty much same as you HER2+ 4 x EC and 4 x Tax plus Herceptin er pretty much minus. I’ve had the first 4 EC and am starting Tax plus Herceptin tomorrow, so we’ll both be having treats the same day.
All the best to you hun, we will win this fight xxx

thats wonderful news!!

brilliant news K! X

excellent news,every bit of good news we hear gives us all a boost

Thank you so, so, so very much ladies. its bad enough discovering you have cancer and everything we have to go through. it is really horrible, its like one hurdle after another. Us ladies are very strong and yes we will beat this nasty disease.
Kittyqueen, good luck with the Tax and the herceptin, please let me know how you get on. I have my second fec tomorrow,at 11.30…well thats assuming my bloods are ok. i havent heard anything so hopefully i will be having my cocktail lol… what time you having yours?

K xx

Sooo pleased for you. Hip Hip Hooray for K. xxxxx

Karen really pleased to read your news… thats fantastic… good luck with the rest of your treatment.

love lulu xxx

Great news Karen, really pleased for you.

Thanks ladies and thanks Lulu…i know im not out of the woods yet but its still set my mind at rest.i had a new oncollgist today and she had every intention of telling the results even though i didnt want to know them…thank goodness it was clear…

K x

Fab news, keep up the good fight, we can beat this girls.
Love to all sarahlousiexxxx

Thanks Sarahlouise, oooh yeahhh we’ll definitely kick ass…we wont let the b???d get us down…

K xx

Hi KB,
I have to be at the unit for 9.30andbe tHere till late afternoon as they have to do a loading dose of the herceptin to monitor the heart and then as an added treat later the tax andcheck no allergic reactions, but hopefully the steroids will stop that as well as me sleeping llol… Good luck with your second and I’ll try and post tomorrow night xxxx
Love KQ

So pleased for you :))))))))))) xx the waiting is horrid, hope my results are as good as yours, been two weeks since scan guess you know how it is, need to know v don’t want to know. much love and good news is always lovely to hear xx