A new journey

I am just about to investigate starting the journey for a possible reconstruction after now being 5 years NED. A reconstruction was never offered or discussed with me when I had the mastectomy over 5 years ago. However I have severe lymphoedema in my right arm. Has anyone had a reconstruction who has lymphoedema and also has anyone had the other breast reduced at the same time. I am a 42DD and am beginning to think that to be a smaller size would be beneficial all round what with lymphoedema and the problems of getting bras in larger sizes and clothes fitting etc.

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Hi Starfish. I had a delayed reconstruction too. I was 40D and felt very lopsided with one breast and decided to have my body back - luckily I don’t have lymphoedemia to worry about so cannot advise on that. However I had a consultation with my PS and he advised on the best reconstruction for me and told me what the steps were. He did a diep on my right breast and did a reduction and uplift on the other side about 8 months later. He would not do them together as he said that he like for the reconstructed breast to settle and see its real size and shape before working on the other one so I couldn’t have them done together - A DIEP is a big op and to be honest I would not have been able to cope with my other breast done at the same time - although I think there are some ladies that have done that. I had my new nipple about 5 weeks ago now and I am so happy with the end result and for once feel like me again. I would arrange a consultation with a good PS - they will advise you on the best for your body shape and advise the steps to get there. It is a long road but well worth the end result. xx