A Postive Post - Two Years On

Reading through the posts I can’t help think that a positive post is needed!

Dx just over two years ago and I had the same feelings as the rest of you. Planning my own funeral, wondering if I would see my favourite flower blossom the following year…

Two years on… and life is really good. I’m not stupid and know that a recurrence is a strong possibility but refuse to let it ruin my life.Cancer has taken too much already.

Chemo is a distant memory (although not forgotten). Yes, my arm (node clearance) still aches, and sometimes the box (at the back of my mind with my worries of recurrence) comes to the fore, but I am enjoying life. Making the most of it. Early retirement, holidays, and spending precious time with my grandkids.

I don’t intend to wait for cancer to call a second time (I didn’t the first time around).

I feel for those who are just dx, or who are just embarking on the chemo road. It seems neverending, but it’s not. There are a lot of ladies like me who are out the other side and getting on with their lives.

Lots of love
Mal x

Hi Mal
Thank you so much for this, just what we need. I had a sneak at your profile, 16 grand kids !! now that is worth living for. WELL DONE

Mal thank you so much for posting this - big hug from me xxx

Hi Mal,
I went through treatment the same time as you so very glad to hear all is going well for you too.
Lily x

Hi Mal,
Its realy great to read your positive post, the forums need these positive posts to help people who are newly DX or about to start treatments, it realy does help when you read of others who have been through it and have now come out the other side.
Like you, i too am one of those ladies ,DX 3 yrs ago, who went through the same awfull emotions and fears of having and liveing with BC , its one hell of a rollercoaster, but im too now out the other side and life is good again.
I also wont let cancer ruin my life , its had enough of that already , ive put it in a box and pushed it to the back of my mind and just let it out now and again. I know it might come back one day, my cancer was high grade agressive so know thats a possibility, but if it does come back, well i will deal with it then.
I look back now and realise that we, all of us , are much tougher than we think and we somehow just get our heads down and get through it all, its so hard in the begining, but do take heart ladies although all the treatments seem endless and are sometimes tough, the time does go by quite quickly and you WILL get there and come out the other side too and be happy again.
For me ive moved on in lots of ways now (though still not quite managed to leave this site yet) ive tried hard but have met so many wonderfull ladies along the way that BCC now feels like an extended family to me so its hard to let go completely, though i do come on the forums much less often these days .
Good luck to all of you Newly DX and about to start treatments ,you will get through this and i hope some of these more positive posts helps in some small way.
Lots of Hugs and All the best to you all
Linda x

PS . Mal, i think i read somewhere you also like me was on the Tact2 Trial? i was on Arm 4 , would be nice to hear from any of the ladies back then who were also on the trial and know how they are doing now, think there was quite a few of us at the time lol.
You take care
Love Linda x

Linda I was/am still on the TACT2 trial as they track us until we pop off fro whatever cause. I got arm one, the 28 week epi/cmf chemo option. Wish they would give us some news on it as I am fascinated by the research.
Take care
Lily x

Hi Lily,
Yes,I should have said still on the Tact2 trial lol, i too would love to get some news on it , i know they track us for life ,i expect i will see the trial nurse in Sept when im back at the onc not sure if she will have any new info but will ask. Nice to hear from you and good to hear you are doing ok , be nice for us all to stay in touch.
You take care
Linda x


Linda and Lily - yes I was on the Tact 2 trial - epi every 2 weeks followed by xeloda and like you would love some feed-back on the trial. However when I asked the trials nurse in March he said it would be another 10 years before the results are published!

Looking through the posts I just felt that a positive post was overdue. People tend to visit the boards when first dx, going through treatment, worried about some ache or pain etc. but the vast majority of ladies who have had treatment and come out the other side, just get on with their lives and rarely post. I do come to the boards sometimes to read how others are doing but don’t post often - too busy!

If you’re just starting chemo - if Linda, Lily and I can do it, so can you.

Keep well ladies.

Mal x

Hi Mal, thanks for the post! Anne started a NED thread a few days ago for positive stories, and lots of us have put our stories on that, so you might want to add yours

A big thank you. Its great to hear positive things. I am on third FEC and its easy to get stuck and not look forward.Its great to hear others have had their journey with treatment and are living life again!

Hi everyone,
yes I am still on here a lot but mainly on threads with friends - one with my buddies who chugged through chemo with me since May 08, and a few who are sadly looking down on us now. Then a local thread of friends I meet up with and have fab meals.
Ten years is a long wait for news, I thought we would hear before that! Tedoris when it feels like it is going on forever just be glad FEC is 6 visits over 18 weeks as e/cmf is 12 visits over 28 weeks and they made me have full blood tests before each one. Surprised they didn’t give me my own parking space lol. I hope it goes well for you and half way, well done :slight_smile:
Take care
Lily x

Hi Ladies,
My goodness 10yrs is a long wait and and i quess that wouldnt have started untill the trial closed, i started chemo Sept 2007 and had 13 visits over 20 weeks and felt like i lived at the hospital too i was on the accelerated chemo so every 2 weeks, i used to have my bloods done on the Friday and chemo the following Monday so was at the hospital every week tut! i never did get that “good week” that everyone talks about.
Like you Lily ive met lots of wonderfull friends who went through chemo at the same time and also sadly remember those that are no longer here.
Well done to all of you going through chemo at the minute i know it can be tough sometimes but you will get through it and come out the other side too, just hang in there it does get better i promise.
All the best to everyone
Sending lots of positive vibes to you all
Love to all Linda x

just wanted to add something for those stars who have posted - as someone who DID have a recurrence, and is now finished treatment and a year post diagnosis, I want you to know that even a recurrence doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world.
I hope you all stay well and positive - we all of us deserve nothing less

Hi all,

I’m 3 yrs since diagnosis and although I have bone secondaries and my life has changed soooo much, I’m loving my new lifestyle. I’m keeping positive about things and enjoying it all, doing what I want, when I want.

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to have an early retirement while still young enough (and fit enough) to enjoy it. There were some very hard times last year when everything caught up with me one way or another but that’s passed and I can take the less good days with the better ones without fretting about what the future may hold.

Good health to you all !!


Just adding I agree, so much, with daisyleaf and lizcat about life after a further diagnosis. I was diagnosed with bone mets from the very beginning seven years ago…life is good thanks to some good treatments…I truly have not had a day in bed.
Live Well…x