a probably silly question re chemo!

Sorry if this sounds a bit daft, but I really dont know who else to ask, and I dont want to phone up the helpline as it sounds silly!

I am due my second chemo tomorrow, and I have a bit of a sore throat and a cold. Would this be enough to stop me having chemo, or is it only if the white blood cells are low.

Sorry if this sounds daft, but I really feel like I am in no mans land, and it feels so alien to me, I really dont know whats what yet, but I am sure I will learn quickly lol

thanks guys!


Repeat after me “there is no such thing as a silly question”

Right. That’s the easy bit.

I can’t answer your question as I’m not medically qualified, just someone who’s done chemo. I would ring your hospital/chemo suite now and ask them - you should have a 24 hour number. Sometimes people do seem to be allowed chemo if they have the tag end of a cold. Ask now - don’t wait til you get there tomorrow.

Hopefully someone with a better naswer will be along soon!

Hope all goes well for you.

They don’t always let a cold stop chemo - only if you are obviously ill, have a temp etc, or if your bloods were low. I had several FECs stopped because of blood count, but never from a cold, (neither FEC or TAX) - and I did have a couple at various times. Hope it goes well, Mo x

Thank you ladies, I will give them a call before I go in the morning, hopefully it might be better in the morning.



More important than your chemo - take your temperature! If it is around 37.5, take it again in an hour. If it rises, or if it is above 37.5 now - go to A&E.

Hope all’s well.

thanks DJ, my temp seems to be ok, it just a sore throat and runny nose. I do wonder if maybe its a side effect of last weeks chemo. Its all so new to me, that I dont know whats side effects and whats something else.


Hi Star,

That’s the problem, we all react differently to chemo so no-one can tell you exactly what is what.

Sore mouth, sore throat, runny nose and feeling fluey. Most people get some or all of those SE’s.

As long as you do not have a temp you can leave things until morning to telephone. Best to ask what to do in future if you are worried about anything. As Revcat says you should have been given an emergency number to ring if you are feeling bad.

Hope all is well tomorrow.


Wishing you well for tomorrow, in every sense of the words, Stargazerlily!

Thank you lavender xxxx

Enmmbee, I did get a number to ring, but when I told them I didnt have a temperature, the nurse or whoever it was was pretty unhelpful and told me to ring my gp!!

I tried to ask her a question about meds, to make sure i wasnt taking something, I shouldnt that could mix badly with the chemo and herceptin and was told to ask my gp (loosely translated in, I really cant be bothered to answer your question, go away)

I found this bad, because the chemo nurses kept saying, any questions, no matter how silly, please ring and we will do out best to help. My question about whether some meds I am on would maybe stop the chemo or herceptin working properly, was in my eyes an important question!

thanks for your kind wishes xxx

It is worth checking before going in, I wouldn’t think they would delay it for a minor cold. I’m sure I had one for at least 1 session. The only time I had a delay was due to cellulitis round my PICC line.

I am sorry to hear about the reaction from the nurses at your hospital, hopefully it was just a one off. Mine were always really good, (although it sometimes took them a while to get to the phone). I even called once on a Sunday evening as I thought I might have cellulitis again and although I didn’t have a temperature they had a discussion with the doctor and then called me back.

I also called them once about indigestion and they suggested what I should take for it.
Hope it goes OK tomorrow

Thanks Jen. This is a “centre of excellence” for cancer, so I was a bit disappointed with the reaction. But then again,they did take four months to tell me I was Her2positive, and even then I was only told I needed herceptin, not why!

It was the lovely ladies on here who said “oh you must be her2pos” I said hmm whats that,they explained and I phoned the Breast care nurse the next day and said am I her2pos and she said yes.

My sister who is a solicitor, my husband who is a forensic specialist and myself went to all the appointments,and we made constant notes,and I know for a fact they didnt tell us that as we made notes of everything, and we could not all have missed that!

Today I told them I had councelling at four, and I was told they couldnt possibly say whether I will be out in time for the councelling, which is in the hospital. I am getting there at half nine and the councelling is at four, surely they could do something. Needless to say that was the final straw today and why I kept bursting into tears all day!

Oh and I was also told, I should really organise my councelling for a different day anyway!!! The hospital is an hour away, I dont drive, how on earth do they think I can do endless about of journeys. My husbands time, his petrol, my emotional state, I really dont want to be doing this journey more than once a week,and think maybe a chat to the PALS department might be in order. Dont they realise, how tiring and exhausting cancer treatment is.

Sorry this has turned into a rant!


It’s the temp you need to keep an eye on, although I have been advised to contact the unit even if I have no temp but’ don’t feel right’. I think we are on the same regime? On my first cycle I had picked up the lurgy from OH and felt rough. Had a temp and went to A&E to be checked out. I had a blood test and all was well, they thought I had a virus. Didn’t stop treatment as bloods were fine. This cycle,day 1 today, have felt ok although I have done nothing very taxing and made sure that I have drunk lots.
X Sarah

I don’t think that they have been very sympathetic re counselling. I got my onc to reschedule my zometa so it coincided with the bloods I have done for chemo so for instance I have bloods on day 7 ,zometa ( iv) and chemo day 8. Onc has changed my clinic appt to dovetail with the start of cycle 3 to minmise trips to hospital. If he can do that there is no reason why your crew can’t be a bit more efficient !

I’m not surprised you feel like ranting!
You rant away, girl, you’re entitled!

Thank you :slight_smile: x x

Wishing you a better day and hope that it all gets done in time for your counselling.