a silly nothing worry about a numb finger!

Sorry ladies, this sounds so daft!
Woke up a couple of weeks ago having slept on my arm funny, pins and needles, settled down but still have no feeling in my finger! Going to book an appointment with my gp tomorrow. Just wondering if it has anything to do with chemo, my vein is still very painful and wondered if maybe the blood supply was being restricted?
Kate xx

Hi Kate, I finished chemo a year ago but still have numbness in some fingers and all of my toes. It may come back but unlikely now, however when it started my Oncologist told me it was a very normal reaction to the chemo and is normally temporary, I just can’t do anything ‘normal’!! If yours is chemo related hope it goes soon, Di x

Kate, I am due for my last chemo on Friday and have numb fingers and toes… have been told that it is a side effect of chemo.

Hi Kate

Me too- whole arm went numb once. Was told the nerve are more sensitive. debx

hi all havnt been on here for a while finished all treatment about 5 weeks ago, but about 3 weeks ago started with bad pins n needles n numbness in my good arm not th one with auxillary clearance. now my fingers are numb all th time n feel wierd. dont know if its cos im tryin t do everything with tht arm saving th other or weather its t do with th veins n chemo am getting worried as not getting better spoke to doc said it cud b carpal tunnel n can give me a steroid injection if doesnt get better. goin t see th onc next week so will mention anyone else had this rozita xx