A sorry tale!

Six weeks ago I found a lump, immediately assumed breast cancer and went to the doctor.

Four weeks ago I went to the clinic, was told it was cysts, but horror of horrors they found calcifications (micro ones). They told me not to worry about it, as they were sure that they were harmless but would have to be biopsied. Worry being my middle name I came home and looked them up on the internet. In fact I spent about 2 weeks finding out all about breasts and all the nasties that can go with them. I am a bl***y expert. One day, thanks to Google, I even ended up on a website that gave information about chickpea farming in Kangoo (if you search within results often enough you can get there - I promise).

One day - and this bit is very clever - I read that if you want to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer you should eat a high fibre diet. Mine is already pretty good, but I ‘uped’ it a bit. Later that day my stomach was bloated, this was very obviously something very nasty and yes I did look up my symptoms on Google, and no I did not have anything insignificant. I then retired to the bath, with my Flambards books (I read them when I am stressed). After an hour, my bloating was gone, although I did contribute to the greenhouse gasses a bit!

So I had my biopsy, and last week I got my results - nothing wrong with me, not a thing, all benign. I left the clinic relatively unscathed, apart from smaller boobs (they drained some cysts) so it is back to the chicken fillets in my bra and I am off the breast cancer websites.

So a little message to all of you out there thinking the worst:

  1. Nine out of ten lumps are harmless.
  2. Calcifications do not always mean cancer.
  3. Waiting for results is hell.
  4. Leave the internet alone - if you type in breast lumps on google you will get straight onto cancer websites. Although this one is ok, as they are there to support the benign lumps as well.

I am no longer going to regularly post on this site, there is a lot of support here, some of those posting are the brave people who have not been as fortunate as me, those with breast cancer.

So back to me, I am a christian, and also human. We humans worry, I stopped beating myself up about this, but have found some very lovely christian sites and some very supportive people during my little journey. I am back to praying.

And the good news (apart from the fact that it would not take me too much training to become a breast surgeon - I am an expert), I have lost weight 4 pounds to be exact, but then I have been on the Google breast lumps diet!

Thank you to all who supported me through this, you are lovely, and to those not fortunate enough to be ‘graduating’ you are in my thoughts and prayers and will be for some time to come.

With love Isobel.

wonderful you are back to prayer - i think sometimes He allows things like this to happen to bring us back to Him. We think we are so clever and run around trying to do everything ourselves. Who, by worrying, can add a moment to his life?
I, however, have found the internet a blessing. I used my research skills and discovered as much as i could - but only as far as i was at the time. I began with lumps - really to check i wasn’t imagining things. Then, after seeing my GP, checked on what would happen at the breast clinic, what the investigations could tell them and what they would entail. I then checked out the CT and bone scans, for the same reasons, to understand how they worked and what they were looking for.
As I already had my dx I also researched the same for mastectomy/ chemo/ radio / hormone treatments. Quite in depth with the surgery as i expected that to be first. However, between my surgeon and i we have changed the order so am now looking much closer into the chemo. Not running ahead of what I need to know, but gathering enough information so i can ask the questions that matter to me and make informed choices.
As a Christian myself I know that this body will perish and return to dust, but the timing is His. He can do the worrying, my place is to let Him. I believe that He uses things like these like an athlete uses his training sessions - each session stretches different muscles, pushes him further until the day of the race when he can, at last, reach his full potential.
I am glad that your trial was brief and seems like you learnt much from it.
Bless you Isobel
Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

Hi there Isobel

You made me laugh this morning when I read your post. You are right, that searching on the internet can take you to some very strange places indeed and perhaps should come with a health warning! I am so glad that you were found to be in good health after your worry and searching!

The internet has been a wonderful source of support for me. It was when I was still in stun mode, that I found this site! I’d had a lump for over a year, then my GP found quite a few more. Why a year without doing anything about it? I suppose I was relying on some kind of ‘faith’ that nothing was the matter and I had to carry on with life and ignore it. Maybe I was right, maybe not.

I have had to wait six weeks from the point of seeing my doctor and the internet has saved me a number of times. The ladies here have been fabulous and funny and so supportive of each other.

My hospital appointment is finally here! Today I find out what the real experts (more than just internet trained like me, lol) think. Hopefully, I’ll fit into the ‘nine’ out of ten, you quoted earlier. I do like to be prepared though, and the internet has helped me get ready for both good and bad news.

Take care


Isobel, your post made me laugh, and trawling the internet is something we all do. I am glad you have the all clear.

Hummingbird - I have my fingers crossed for you. And my legs, toes, eyes! Good Luck
jo x