A tribute I read and want to share with you all.

– Women with metastatic cancer are the strongest women I know
by Kaiulani Facciani
• They dare to hope when the whitecoats would take it all away.
• They endure the misunderstanding of the diagnosis by others who are well-meaning, but misinformed.
• They swallow their fear and put on a brave face for others.
• They process their anger because it serves no one.
• They struggle with loneliness because no matter how many love them and are there for them
… it is a road they walk alone.
• They focus on the good that is in their life because nothing is accomplished by focusing on the bad.
• They fight the demon with everything they’ve got.
• They crawl their way through excruciating, humbling, and humiliating treatments.
• They patiently ride the seemingly interminable roller coaster of good news…
… no, wait, its bad news
… well, it’s not so bad
… sorry, it’s worse than we thought
… aaaah, we’re all gonna die!
• They try their darnedest to retain their sense of femininity in the face of de-womanizing symptoms and side effects.
• They resist regret because that’s a stupid emotion but keeps trying to barge in.
• They can’t help feeling like a failure even though it defies logic.
• They rail against despair because cancer feeds on negativity and who wants to feed the little **bleep**er anyway?
And through it all… they go to work, they take care of their loved ones, and continue to give to others.
To all my metastatic sisters… I salute you!
And I send you a big hug and wet, sloppy smoochy to brighten your day!



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Fantastic Magda


so very true!



Omg …that is brilliant magna …thank you for posting this …feel like I want to print it off and frame it.
Carolyn xxx☺??

Lovely Magda .true reflection.sharon.:heart:

Magda, agree with your sentiments and all the comments that followed. x

Wish I had written it but I certainly felt it too friends x

Beautiful and so true ?

So true.  Xx

Beautiful words but wondering about the cancer feeding on negativity bit. Does it mean that being negative makes cancer grow ? I have never heard this medically proven

Yea I know if one more person tells me to be positive or worse still says ‘oh you’re so well now and you’re so positive etc etc’ I will scream! Actually I will smile and say ‘well I’m very pragmatic you know’

Thank you for sharing this Magda

Just found this,  lovely poem,  love it, all the phrases are so true  . thank you for posting xx