A very weepy day!!!

On the whole I only cried when I saw the surgeon but today the waterworks…wouldnt stop! I cried so much the veins under my eyes started to stick out and I thought I was gonna have a stroke! So vain me forced myself to stop!!!
I cried when I was holding the queue up and cashier getting aggitated in Boots as I was slow packing stuff into my bag after recovering from lumpectomy so I apologised and told rhem. Then the sympathetic looks from tutting annoyed me so I cried again!!!
I cried when my arm was hurting holding a small bag of toiletries as I’ve always carried cases of heavy stuff, even though I’m only petite!!!
I cried when I got home as the bin men left my bins further up the road and they never do rhat…as if they were doing it deliberately!!!
I cried…when my mum rang from overseas!!!
I cried…when I got a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered by my daughter’s boss!!!
I cried…in fact I screamed when I nodded off after having an Indian Head Massage but got woken up by some idiot trying to sell car insurance!!!

And my last cry of the day was when a customer came to visit me and offered to help me with anything, even coming to chemo (as I’m a single mum) and I knew she meant every word!!!

That’s for another day when certain people say they are here for you but you discover they aren’t!!! You ladies are here far more than some people!!

Phew!!! Dry eyes!!!xx



You are a night owl like me…you poor, poor girl…crying does help and I hope you’re going to have a nice dry-eyed sleep and wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face .


love and hugs xxx


Hi Feather1944
Yes, us wise old owls are still up!!! Fb is boring now since I discovered her and you ladies.

I hope you are feeling better and have a good night’s sleep.xxx

Morning ck hope you have a better day today x my body seems to be on a different shift to yours go to sleep earlier but been up since 4.30 first thing if I’d was come in here and read new posts x hate that you had a bad day so big hugs and hope today is better xxxx