a week post radiotherapy on my skull mets - feeling wonky.

just a little question - has anyone else had radiotherapy for skull mets, and if so… just how crazy did you feel the week after them? I honestly feel very spacey and not at all like myself… should I be worried?

J xxx

Hiya J – no one ever suggested rads for my skull mets, but they don’t give me any pain or problems (at the moment) – there are several of us who have had rads for brain mets, who will be able to tell you about their experiences. Sending you much love, and hoping the weird feeling ebbs away soon. xx

Hi poannie
I know one of us mets ladies has had rads for her skull mets but for the life of me can’t remember who, but she is one of the ‘old-timers’ if she doesn’t mind me saying :wink: I’m bumping this up so maybe she’ll see it. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Nicky xx

Hello Poannie,
I have had Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiotherapy for skull metastases (three mets). It’s still radiotherapy, but delivered differently, and at a higher dose than conventional radiotherapy. I have only noticed three SE’s
(1) Extremely tired (on one occasion, slept from 4pm round to 7am
(2) Sense of having a fading tender bruise at the area treated
(3) I occasionally have what I can only describe as a twinge, in the area that was treated. It’s not painful, just the sense of a momentary nagging ache.

The doctor in charge of my Cyberknife treatment warned me that the treatment could make the lining between my skull and brain could swell, and cause severe headaches. That didn’t happen with me, but I wonder if that is what you are experiencing?