A year since diagnosis

It will be a year tomorrow since I was diagnosed with grade 2 IDC and I find myself thinking about it all the time at the moment. I have my first mammogram on 15th September and I am feeling pretty anxious about that too. I just wanted to ‘talk’ to other people who know how I am feeling.

Hello Hollyberry, I had my diagnosis, WLE and SNB in Jan 2013 and can assure you that how you are feeling at the moment is completely normal. A lot of people seem to feel that once we have ‘completed’ our treatment that we are ‘back to normal’ - whatever that is meant to be. It only takes something like an anniversary, or sometimes nothing at all to cause us to have a wobble - I’ve had several over the last 18 months. Feeling anxious about having your first mammogram is also a very common occurrence, I had a major wobble at this time and was very worried about how painful the mammogram might be as I was still very tender and slightly swollen. I took the advise of several ladies on here and took a couple of paracetamol about half an hour before my mammogram and found it was okay. Please be reassured that your feelings are perfectly normal, lots of us have been there, worn the T shirt etc. Best wishes and (((hugs))) Pat xx

Hi Hollyberry

I went throught this in July - a year since I had all my trips to the hospital for diagnosis…it was really strange to be so anxious all the time even though the outcome of my mastectomy was good.  I went for my first mammogram two weeks ago and was very very anxious.

When I got the clear result I started to feel sad about it all again!

I had great support from the helpline and realised that all these strange mixed up feelings are normal for this anniversary time and the first mammogram.

I hope you can get to talk to someone for reassurance as that helped me enormously.

Be kind to yourself.

Jenji X

I know how you are feeling I have just gad my marrogram this morning. Only good thing at least only had to have one boob squeezed. Nice got to wait a couple of weeks for results. Fingers crossed. Bev

Hiya Hollyberry, As the others have said we all feel like you when our mammagram is due. Ihad my first one in June and I was clear.

I hope yours goes well. We just have to keep going don’t we.

Hi ladies.  I had my 1 year follow up last Thursday with my Breast Consultant but unfortunately due to having had bilateral breast cancer and therefore bilateral mastectomy I no longer have any breasts and it was the fact that I wasn’t going to be having any mammograms that I found distressing!  I guess you feel like something is being done to check all is still well when you have these following a bc diagnosis so I was very worried and anxious before my appointment.  As I have a strong family history: mum and sister both had bc and I had 2 primary tumours with associated high grade DCIS (one in each breast diagnosed 6 weeks apart), I am still deemed to be “high risk” but genetic tests confirms I do not have BRCA mutation).  Therefore my Consultant has suggested I have an MRI or CT scan but has also said that due to the amount of surgery I’ve had (6 ops so far so therefore lots of scar tissue) that my lymph nodes may be enlarged anyway so I’d probably end up having a biopsy on those.  Not sure how I feel as I want to know that I’m clear but does that open up a can of worms with all the extra testing and anxiety that goes with it?!!  To be honest, my whole bc ‘journey’ has been all over the place, my HER2 on 1st cancer was borderline so needed to be sent off to another hospital for further testing (waiting 3 weeks for results) I got a 2nd diagnosis in the other breast 6 weeks after the 1st, there was a problem with chemo and a clinical trial I was taking part in and then I ended up having my reconstruction removed due to infection, and admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics, etc and now on my 5th attempt at recon which has failed again so currently awaiting DIEP recon at another hospital.  My BC Consultant has said that if there’s any cancer present then there’s no point in putting myself through such a major recon op!  Really don’t know what to think right now!!!