Abdominal angiogram before reconstruction

I had my mastectomy in May last year and was advised against an immediate reconstruction as I might have needed radiotherapy.
That didn’t happen and I’ve now been seen at the Royal Marsden and am hopefully, on the path to a delayed reconstruction. I knew I needed good results from the scan but now I’ve had my appointment and they’re calling it a CT angiogram. Foolishly I googled angiogram and it doesn’t sound like a simple scan where the put dye into a vein, it sounds rather unpleasant.
I know after all I’ve been thro, this shouldn’t bother me but I’m getting a bit het up about it.
Have you any info you can point me too!

A CT angiogram is a CT scan combined with a dye injection, I had one before my DIEP reconstruction. The dye shows where all your blood vessels are, so that the surgeon can determine the best ones to use to connect the flap to your own skin. It’s standard procedure before a DIEP flap reconstruction, or any flap reconstruction I assume. I hope this reassures you! Good luck with it all - it’s a big operation, but it’s amazing how quickly you recover. Take care, sending hugs :hugs: :hugs:
Just editing as I realise I didn’t explain that it’s quick, painless and you just lie still for a while with the scanner over your abdomen. You then very strangely feel like you’ve wet yourself at the end! Honestly nothing to worry about xx

I don’t have any advice beyond that I know someone who went through it for her reconstruction and it was fine. I made my PS skip it myself. He didn’t want to but I wouldn’t go through the surgery if he didn’t so he went ahead and went in blind. It was a longer surgery as a result but I didn’t mind since I was out :slight_smile: Incidentally, I didn’t want him to skip it based on it being a bad or painful scan. I just have a lot of anxiety around scans and wanted nothing to do with it if possible and I’m grateful he honored that.

I wonder if you just googled the word “angiogram”? This can take you to pages about the rather more invasive technique where a thin tube is manoeuvred along an artery to an organ of interest before the dye is injected. My dad had one or two on his heart, via a tube fed into his thigh.

It sounds like the CT angiogram is not quite the same thing from what @diddy1 has written. Your surgeon wants to map out the major blood vessels before starting surgery to help them plan for a better outcome for you.

Oh this info has helper, thank you. I think I must’ve been sent straight to ‘angiogram’ as that was what scared me!
Thanks x

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Hello Sue,

Thanks for posting.

It’s understandable to be concerned about what you have read about CT angiogram. It looks as if the replies you had over the weekend have been helpful. It may be that you did look at a different type of angiogram as @scientistamafier suggests, coronary angiogram perhaps.

A CT abdominal angiogram is a standard procedure which helps your surgeon establish your abdominal blood supply and look the blood vessels to use during your breast reconstruction surgery. You may want to contact your treatment team to confirm and ask for any additional information.

Our information about reconstruction may be of interest. As well as the forums we do have a service called Someone Like Me where we can put you in touch with someone who has had the same reconstruction. Details of all our services are here.

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