Abdominal Cramping ?

Anyone had really nasty abdominal cramping on Taxotere?
I’ve been out of the blue getting horrible crippling cramping then had to dash to loo, then whilst things are happening I’m getting waves of nausea, tingling all over and shivering, keep going and going, very very loose and when I’m done I feel woozy and yak.

Anyone else had this?

Urgh, this 1st session of Taxotere has a LOT to answer for!

Oh yes! I did post on the tax thread, but felt rather unoticed, so left.

Hello El Katrano, I am not on Taxotere but I do have Irritable Bowel sydrome (IBS) so have the symptoms you describe frequently.
There are many medications to help with this. The one I would recommend to start with is Alverine Citrate which stops the spasms and they really do work. For the loose stools Immodium ( has many other names including Loperamide) which I use when on chemo and also when I become exhausted from running to the loo six or seven times! Discuss this with your BCNurse or GP first though. But there is no need to suffer. Let me know how you get on. Val

Hi there,
I also have IBS and had similar symptoms the cramping and diarrheoa but Val’s advice excellent so hope it improves quickly hun,
best wises, Bev x

For me it wasn’t the bowel, it was the stomach, and it blooming hurt!

Hi El Katrano,

I well remember the symptoms you are describing. I was on Tax and had the same problem. I was told to take Loperamide to stop the diarrhoea and I took Dulcoease capsules for the constipation.

Hope this helps,


Bumping this up for Laura 64.

El Kat, I have Crohn’s so I’ve had that particular joy with added blood loss, all day and also through the night before BC. Tax just makes it more interesting by adding the Fires of Vulcan to my ‘can’t wait’ emissions.

BC, the gift that keeps on giving :frowning:

Elktis - Oh yes, I remember now cos I started that thread! Yeah mine aren’t stomach and not been sick. It’s all just crippling cramping doubled over and then rushing to loo etc.

Embee - Thanks, I’ll ask tomorrow when they are open again about taking some stuff for it, thought it was a one off but this has now happened 4 times today. Off I go to the hospital AGAIN.

Ninja - The gift that keeps on giving - indeed ;-D And its certainly been giving us plenty, I feel overwhelmed with presents!

Thanks all for your comments - I know it’s a SE now. Diahorrea is but nothing about crippling cramps!