Abnormal blood test

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 years ago and had lumpectomy,chemo and rads. I have been on Tamoxifen since then.  Today I had letter from G.P. asking me to go and see him re. recent routine blood test.

Have never had this before so am starting to panic and fear the worst! I don’t think this fear ever leaves us.


Has any-one else had similar?



Hi Jiggyjoo

I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon to offer some much needed support and our helpline will be open again on Monday morning at 9am if you need someone to talk to either before you see your GP or afterwards, the helpline staff are here to support you both practically and emotionally so please don’t hesitate to give them a call.  0808 800 6000

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi jiggyjoo…those fears never go away do they…I am nearly 3 years post diagnosis. Really hope your blood is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. I was recalled by my GP last year following a routine fasting blood test. Seems the fruit tea I had the night before affected my blood sugar level, so they did a further (negative) test for diabetes. They also said my cholesterol was a little high at 4.1, however someone had not read the results accurately as that was my total cholesterol not the LDL (bad one!)…so it was actually fine.

All the best x