'About the Girl' - Take a look!!

Hi everyone

Just been told of a lovely site called ‘About the Girl’, it sells really sexy (whats that?) underwear and swimsuits. My cousin has bought from them and she says that the bikini she purchsed looks brilliant, the help that the owner gave was second to none and she couldn’t praise them enough.

Although I havent bought anything yet even though the underwear looks really nice for that special occasion, I found that the links that they suggest are also wonderful, I have emailed a lady at the ‘breast free’ site and reading some of the statements really hit home for me, as I have chosen not to have reconstruction in 6 years and although in my heart I know why it was nice to see that I wasnt on my own. Take a look everyone I just know that you will like it.
Debbie xx

could you post a link please - thanks, Elinda x

Hi Elinda,

I think this is it.



wow - what a great range! I’ll definitely be treating myself when I’ve finished rads! :slight_smile: Also I’ve been looking for some really nice swimwear and this is the best I’ve seen yet.

Thank you so much for the link.

What a lovely site. thanks for posting it.
Ninja x

Hi there - thank you for this! I did not have a mastectomy - but I did have a lumpectomy and the scar is just in that certain place which means that I cannot tolerate wearing underwired bra’s atall! I have been left with alot of scar tissue which means that the underwiring gets so uncomfortable after a short space of time and just makes me so physically aware of the scar.

As a 42D bra size I have always felt I needed underwiring but have had to resort to wearing the same 2 post surgery bra’s that I bought which are distinctly unsexy and looking a little old and grey now!

Having looked through the ranges, not all the bra’s come in my size but at least I now have hope of finding something that is more suitable for me.

Hi Girls

My cousin purchased the turquoise bikini, it looks fab and even before she had her recon you couldnt tell the difference. She says that the halter comes up nice and high so make you feel very comfortable. Glad you liked the site, it is nice to know that for a special occasion there are some really nice underwear out there! x

Thanks so much for this Lancs Lass

Have my last chemo in 3 weeks then MX, looking forward to a week away before rads and some really lovely things on here.

Thank you



Hi. I have the Chloe and pink champagne bras but bought them from John Lewis. they are a joy to wear

Definitely wow! Thanks so much for that link xx