About to have Ist T-axatare

Hi everyone
Feeling a lot better Ruby are you not having something to bring your neutrfils up could you ask for something, they have still not mentioned when i will have first herceptin i know i am to have 18. But think

Hi Everyone clicked the wrong thing !! Ruby would you ask about These injections to bring whitr blood cells up asap you must fell wretched as you are neutrapenic if they are that low can herceptin make you neutrapenic.Tonight is the first night i have not needed oromorph so hopefully should have some time awake tomorrow.
Thinking of you all and sending lots of prayers and good wishes
Lots of love and thank you for your messages
Kate xxxxx

Hi Cally
It is the same thing as neualasta but it is in 5 injections on the 5th day afer taxi. oncologist increased to 7 and also put me on antiobiotics for what will about 10 days in total 3 days intravenus which the nurses told me were the real business but do not know what they were and now augmentin,Neuoplasta is very expensive so i think i am having the cheaper nhs drug i do not mind as long as it does the trick neurtos are now 7.75!!!
Lots of love
Kate xxxxx

Hi Kate

I did have those neulasta injections whilst I was on chemo but at the moment the haematologist doesn’t want to give me anything until they have figured out what’s going on. More appointments and blood tests next week. The haematologist did suggest the G-CSF injections (Neulasta) but not until they know what’s going on. Anyway I prefer my body to sort itself out rather than be stimulated artificially as otherwise maybe it won’t get back to normal of its own accord - who knows.

Glad to hear your neutrophils are doing well now.

Ruby xx

Hi Ruby
Just thinking about you and wishing you well and hope your neutrafils return to normal asap so you can continue Herrceptin
Take Care
Lots of love and best wishes
Kate xxxx


Kate thanks very much and hope all is ok with you.

Vivian good luck with taxotere - I had 3 of them plus the steroids etc - masses of them and I would suggest you not take them too late in the day as they will keep you up. I took them in the morning and early afternoon. Hope your neutrophils are ok now that you’re on Neulasta.

Love to you all

Ruby xx