About to start chemotherapy

So tomorrow I’m having my first session of chemotherapy and I’m absolutely terrified! I don’t know whether it’s the unknown that’s scaring me or the fact that from reading all the leaflets, I’m aware of how ill I’m possibly going to be. 


Up until this point I’ve been so positive about my stage 2 diagnosis but that’s all disappeared now. I’m really worried I’m not going to cope well at all and some how need to get that positive attitude back.


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how I can help myself over the next 6 months.




Emily x

Hi Emily,if you go to the chemotherapy monthly threads section you will find an April starters thread and if you post there you will get lots of support from people going through the same thing at the same time ,ladies who have already been through chemo will pop in with advice too.There is also a top tips to get you through chemo thread.Good luck .Jill.

Hi Emily, I know it’s hard when its so unknown - I started 9 weeks ago. What treatment are you having? Everyone reacts differently - my tips early on would be get your house ready with food and thing’s to relax with - don’t want to overwhelm you with advice but step by step is best way x

Dear Emily,


Chemotherapy is tough both emotionally and physically. Although many people don’t get many side effects it is more common to BUT your hospital and chemo unit will be ready if you need a little extra support.


As others have said get some food ready to go, keep it bland for the first few days just in case you are sick and try try try to keep fluids up and try not to get constipated (you can get lactulose on prescription and over the counter to soften stools). For the lactulose just taking half a dose every day during that first week will keep stools soft enough to pass.


If there is one thing I have learned is that the waiting for the next thing is always worrying, you want to make plans to help but you’ve got nothing concrete to go on. Take some comfort in that your doctors have seen this all before and will help you if you need them.


If you feel rotten and want to cry then just go for it, when you feel good then take comfort in that. I know it’s corny to say but you will get through this.


Ali xx

Emily, some excellent advice already given and come and pop along to the April 16 thread. I think alot is fear of the unknown and everyone is different in their journey and there is no right or wrong way to feel. I had 2nd fec yesterday whilst not looking forward  to it wasn’t terrified like the first time. Good luck xxx