About to start FEC-How soon will hair start falling out

About to start FEC-How soon will hair start falling out

About to start FEC-How soon will hair start falling out Hi
Just a quick question
I am about to have my first FEC next Thursday (31st May). As i will be having Taxotere after three lots of FEC nurses have said that I will loose my hair
I’d really like to know how soon hair starts falling out after having the dose? Want to kind of be prepared and also to prepare my little boy

thx Julie

I had my 1st on 21st Sept 2005, my hair started to come out in handfuls on 8th October. xs

Hi there,

dont do what i did and thought that there would be a chance that it wouldnt fall out, its so hard when your hair falls out and you can see a patch on your head, but im just vein and it felt so much better when i had it shaved and then put my new wig on. I would say after about 3-4 weeks your noticing hair every where.
I have a three year old and didnt want to scare him so i always wore either a wig when out or a bandana in the house which he called a house hat, it was silly of me really because reading other peoples comments there kids just excepted it.

The NHS wigs are definetly worth a look, there’s wigs for all ages, thats if you want to go down that road, everyone’s different.

Take care


Hi Jools Ive just finished my 6 FEC chemos and Ive got to be honest it seems to be an individual thing. I lost most of my hair by the second chemo.

I tried cold cap for the first, but to be honest it still came out in handfuls, but other people have been okay.

It was one thing I was worried about and my children were - they didnt want a bald mum, but I found a very good wig lady through my Nurse and she was great - I now have 2 wigs, I also have hats and scarfs. My son told me when he saw my first wig for the first time. Its better than all the crap haircuts you ever had and Ive got to be honest no one would think that they are wigs - they werent expensive either just a little over the voucher we are given.

After my 4th chemo my hair started to grow again but very very grey. Im still quite a way off from not wearing my wigs but Im happy with that.

I was also concerned about my eyelashes and eyebrows - they did go small and stubbly but I still had a few at the end.

take care - hope everythings goes okay,


Hello Jools I had 4 FEC in 2004…after the 2nd my hair had gone and i wore bandanas…i cut my hair short before i started chemo., then after the 1st one my hair stared to come it to cut it down to grade 1 and on went the scarves…i was actually more worried about losing my eyelashes…i even bought some false ones…but didn’t use them,
i finished my chemo in the may and stopped wearing my scarves about 3/4 way through my rads my hair was still very very short but it was too warm with the scarves on.
Mine came back wavey at first and greyish in places…the waveiness went…the grey places stayed!!
Hope all goes well for you.


I tried the cold cap (maybe I was one of the lucky ones) after 4 x FEC I still had a great head of hair.It was waist length to start off with and I couldn’t bear to cut it shorter than the middle of my back!.. After 4 x Taxol I had hardly a hair on my head! By then it didn’t bother me anymore - I was just glad to be getting on with the chemo and looking forward to coming out the other end!

The nether regions Hi Julie

I first noticed that the hair in my nether regions was coming out, before I noticed the hair on my head! Mine started to come out about 14 days after the first chemo (had FEC) I have never actually lost all the hair on my head, and it has been growing slowly throughout. I cut mine down to a number one, and it stayed like that. Have to say that I have loads of grey at the sides…cant wait to have enough hair to colour. My eyelashes and eyebrows stayed intact. I have two wigs, that I brought on a usa site, but wear bandanas, or just go naked! Hair in the nether regions coming back slowly, but who cares.

Sarah x

My hair started to go just before 2ndFEC and had all gone 2wks lter.Fuzz appearedafter about 3 mnths but very sow.Val


I had the same as your having, 3 FEC and 3 Taxatore. My hair began to fall out on day 18 after 1st chemo. I used the cool cap for the 3 FEC, I could not tolorate it after that. My hair thinned on FEC and began growing back on Taxatore. I never wore a wig/hat or scarf, many people just thought I had had my hair cut very short. Don’t worry about your son, children are much more accepting than we give them credit for. My 7 year old was quite adament that I was fine without much hair and that I did not need to cover up. I am now 3 months post chemo and my hair is growing at a rate of knots. People keep coming up to me to say they love my new hair cut (it looks like Annie Lennox) and has come back a lovely blond colour. People also keep asking if I have dye it because the colour is so great.
I found loosing my hair(some of it) very hard to come to terms with even though I knew it would happen. People often say don’t worry it will grow back, but it is still hard. Very best of luck with the chemo, it is do able. Be really kind and good to yourself while you are going through it.
Now I am three months post chemo I look back on it and it really was not that bad. And don’t forget its going to get rid of all those little buggers out there.

Love Geraldine45

Hi Julie,
I think it’s different for everyone. My hair started to fall out on day 12 after my first FEC, by day 18 it was coming out in mighty handfuls and I gave up and had it shaved. It has felt so much better. I’m still a bit piebald but truth is it became quite sore as it was falling out and in the end it was a relief to get rid of the bit that was left. I have hats, scarves, bandanas and a wig, but around the house I go au naturel! I find the scaves etc quite hot. It was horrid at first but once my children got used to the ‘new look mum’ things improved along with my self image!
Good luck