ACC of Breast

New here! Anyone else??? ACC of Breast only. Diagnosed May 2016. Not done anything yet. So little known ??? Tough choices.

Hi Swiftymama,

welcome to the forum and sorry you had to find yourself here. But we are here to support you as well as we can.

Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a very rare cancer and you are right, there is very little known about it.

However, I have been doing some researching and hope this link may be of help to you. It is an older article and from the United States, however it will give you probably some of the information you may be wishing to have.

And from it you can see how rare it is - considering the population in the US.

Once you have worked yourself through the article, please post again with any questions you may have. We shall do the best we can to support and help you through all of this.

However, having had your diagnosis in May - and it now being September - what have the discussions been with your treatment team? What tests and results have been done?


Sue xxx 

ACC of Breast only. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
This is the first forum I could find. I Love my Drs Had MRI CT Scan and Bone Scan. Cancer NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heart:?
I have seen Oncologist, Surgeon, and Radiologist and heard their best plan. Surgery to remove. Possible balloon or full radiation of right breast. My choice. ??? I was told this type so rare that I might just as well consider that I AM THE ONLY ONE IN USA with this right now??!!!?
How special for ME!!! I had surgery for what appeared as a growth on my gallbladder three years ago to find out that I was born without a gallbladder an hour into my surgery and SEVEN HOLES poked into my belly( laparoscopicly) SURPRISE??? I also have burning mouth syndrome and Babies Blood!
So I am a real freak?!!!’ Lucky me?
They said my Brain MRI showed areas of “Flair”. Don’t know what that actually means but I am an artist so I am guessing that suffuses for now☺️?!
So now I must decide my plan. 0h my.