Aches & Pains - Does it get any better with time!?

Hi all

I am currently on number 14 of 20 rads. Have had grade 3 er+ and her+ lump removed in Oct 07. All scans were clear before chemo started but had 6/14 nodes positive (higher grade nodes clear). I did 3 x fec and 3 x taxotere - taxotere put me in hospital twice with low neutrophils. At the moment it just seems i live at the hospital!!

I started Tamoxifen approx 6 weeks ago and I just cant seem to shake aches and pains. I think because i’ve had so much treatment i just cant seem to get my head around what these aches are!! Is it my chemo still (had last one on the 11th Feb) Is it my radiotherapy? Is it my tamoxifen? Is it my herceptin?

It scares me as the ache is on my ‘good’ side - It comes and goes and doesnt keep me awake at night - Is it something I just have to live with?! I had a chest xray at beginning of Feb while i was in hospital and that was ok!

Please help - I’ve had a really bad 2 days and just cant stop crying - I’m sending myself mad!!

Love Mel
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I had 4xFEC,4xTaxol followed by 25 rads in '04.Although I seemed to sail through treatment within weeks of it finishing the aches and pains started.As I’m triple neg and not on medication I can only assume it was the aftermath of chemo.I had awful joint pains and my feet were so stiff and painful each morning it took until lunchtime for them to come around! My back was so painful at times I had to hold on to my son’s arm to walk to the car! I also had bursitis in my shoulder(on the op side) which a course of anti-inflamitories cleared up.I suddenly felt like an old woman at 46. When I mentioned it at my check up I was told that it was probably the change that the chemo had brought on!! Somehow I dont think so as within 8/9 mths the aches and pains had gone and I was feeling fitter than ever! With a bit of luck Mel yours will do the same.

Hi there I took have dreadful aches and pains on my mastectomy side so stressed about them that I had a bone scan showed a bit of osteo whatever …
most of the time I cope but I too have had a dreadful week ,it will get to you sometimes I do get fed up with people saying how brave and strong i am lol haha
I feel guilty sometimes that I didnt have to have chemo and I still moan ,I should count myself lucky ,It is 6 months since my surgery and I ache every day deep joy but I am alive and its getting better and there are plenty of people on here a million times worse of than me so I am grateful for this chance to say so to you all
Love and hugs to everyone of ya xxxx