aching boob!!!

Hi All

I have had 13 Rads out of 20 and my boob is really achy!

Does this happen as I am feeling a bit low with it at the moment

Kay x

Hi Kay

Sorry you are feeling low and have an achy boob, but you are past the half way point for your rads, on the count down to the other end now…
I am on 18 out of 20 with a sore red boob, suppose we have to expect some discomfort from this treatment and it does get you down when boobs are aching, sore painful. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your treatment.

April x

I have had 10 rads and my boob is really tender. I have lots of stabbing type pains which take my breath away and then a general sort of ache. I asked the radiographer and she said it could be scar tissue from the wound and because radiotherapy inflames healthy tissue, that makes it hurt.

Thanks April
I know I am winning now with my Rads but I dont remember anybody saying it will ache!

Think I am being a bit of a wimp today

Kay x

Been there done that - and yes my boob did get achey … I posted about it under the title ‘rock hard boob’ I think. Another lady posted somewhere and mentioned that at times it felt like someone was sticking knitting needles (or darning needles) into her boob, and I can relate to that. Mentioned this to my rads team and they assured me that it was ‘quite normal’ … the booster rads team said the damage to the skin (red, itchy breaking etc) is basically the same as the damage to the tissues underneath… sort of sums it up nicely really.

Not nice when you are suffering …but it does get better. I had my final booster on Tuesday of last week and the skin on my collarbone had started to split last Sunday evening, followed on Monday by the cease at the side of my armpit - now a week later the collarbone bit is now healed and he armpit is coming along nicely. There are other bits that have decided to play up but I think that is to be expected and is all part of the healing process.

Hope the ache is not too horrendous. Well done on getting half way through - it’s the count down to the end now.

No your not a wimp at all with everything else that you are going thro it does get you down and no one can prepare us for how we are going to feel when we are going through this treatment. Cathy I have the stabbing type pains that catch me and I yelp out…

Perhaps Kay if your really worried about the ache have a word with BC nurse or the Radiologist, put your mind at rest.

I have a glass of red wine in front of me now I find that helps a bit!!!

April x

Hi Kayty

Thanks for your comments. Have had the needle pains and like someone earlier was told it may be related to the scar tissue. Have since had good support from the physio who runs the arm class and the breast care nurse based at the oncology centre (not the one at my refering hospital). Now have extra physio but it is helping.


No you are not a wimp - I found chocolate used to help me. I also had this sad little face that I used to use when I wanted my son to go get me some chocolate and if he resisted the request I employed the pitiful voice (combined with the sad face it usually worked a treat) and I just said ‘but I got a burn on my boobie and it’s got a dent in it and now it’s sore’… on days that he realllllly resisted being sent out in the rain for chocolate I used to offer to show him said dented, red poorly boobie… that got him off his ass and out the door pdq I can tell you.

Seriously tho … the ache is probably nothing to worry about, mention it to your BCN or radiologist and get some reassurace from those who know for sure. Another factor is the position that you need to adopt to have the rads administered - I was into rads fairly soon after surgery as I did not have chemo so my body was still healing from the surgery when I had to stretch all the bits that had been guddled about with and stay in that position whilst they blasted me.

That’s a good point, Lilac. If you have recently had surgery, you are more likely to still have healing going on and putting your arms above your head will tug at the scar. I started rads 6 wks after surgery so my scar is still relatively raw. Also, if you’re anything like me, I am not used to having my arms above my head (gave up the pole dancing!) so that too could have an effect.

I moved my arms at my rads on Friday before I was told to and got a telling off for doing so… she was young enough to be my daughter…
I too had rads 6 weeks after surgery so yes it is still very sore

April x

.Hi all

Kay I have also just had my 13th rad session (out of 30) and I am geting aches and pains all over the area , some under ribs , stabbing , on the scar area . I am putting it down to rads as its not constant. My rads team havent been too forthcoming on possible reasons saying I should speak to my oncologist and he wasnt too sure about reasons either ! He told me to take some nurofen or similar and see if it was still there after a few days.

Cally x

my breast got full of fluid after radio, plus my skin burned really badly. It took a long time for it to settle. I remember being in pain for about six months or so. I had to sleep with a pillow down one side to rest my breast on. Good thing i slept alone really

sorry this isn’t a very positive message but I’m a few years down the line now and its ok


Thanks for the info mole - it’s good in a way to know that it can take as long as 6 months to settle down. The BC nurse at my rads unit said the rads will continue to work for 2-3 weeks after the last session and it can take 3-4 months for things to settle down. I suppose it’s just a waiting game.

I find lying on the bad side is more comfortable if I have one of those squishy cushions between my arm and boob.

I* have also had my 13th rad and my boob feels like a rugby ball, i have to lie down to give it a rest its that bad!!! havent burnt though so not moaning too much!!!

I have also had 14 out of 20 rads and I feel I am back to square one with the pain in my arm, boob and armpit. I have had 2 ops, first lumpectomy in September 2007 and then ANC 5th March. My boob and underarm is swollen, just hoping that its down to the rads and not the start of lymphoedema! Can’t wait for the rads to be over and to get some normality back in my life. Thought the the rads were going to be a piece of cake compared to chemo but I don’t think it’s that easy. Anyway off to the airport now as having treatment at Clatterbridge and I live on the Isle of Man so won’t be on the forums till Friday.!! Hope everone is feeling a little beter by then.

When I went to the onc after surgery and was given the details of my treatment plan I was delighted I was to be spared chemo and ‘just’ needed to have rads. I told everyone concerned that I was ‘only’ having radiotherapy. Now that is an understatement. Although I’ve kept very well and managed to work throughout my 29 rads I am tired and have the achy boob, arm, armpit stuff to deal with… as well as the burnt bits on my collarbone etc splitting (incidently now my boob has started to join in with the splitting and peeling act).

Rads is not ‘just rads’ or ‘only rads’ it’s a serious bit of business. As cathy says it doesn’t seem like much when it’s getting done - but it does take it out of you.

I still consider myself luckier than ppl who’ve had to endure chemo and then go onto rads as well.

Good luck to all who are currenty having rads - actually - good luck to all who are having any treatment.

Thoughts about sleeping position with an aching boob. The physio suggested that if I slept on the unaffected side it would be less painful if i rested my arm on two pillows in front of me. Has taken a bit of getting used to but seems to have done the trick for me.



I have been reading the forums but this is my first posting. Basically I had grade 2 ductal, E+, no node involvement. Treatment of lumpectomy, radiotherapy and tamoxifen. My last booster is tomorrow and then I am a free woman!! My boob is ceratinly aching. I wonder will it ever be the same again??!!
My skin is in a terrible mess which only happened in the last few days…thought I’d got away with it :frowning:
My armpit was broken but has healed really quickly but under my boob is all sloughy and weepy. Can anyone tell me how long till this heals. Using intrasite gel and non stick dressings and today started taking arnica.
All information, hints and tips welcome. Thanks

Dear rarebird63

I found things improved pretty quickly once I’d stopped the radiotherapy. The skin improved within one to two weeks. The bosom was swollen for ages though, about two years or so. I was advised to apply cream twice a day for six months and massage it at the same time. Not sure whether this did anything but it felt quite good especially when someone else did it


I finished my 29 rads on Tuesday 29th April - it was the Sunday beforehand that my skin started to break down, like you I thought I had got away with it. Mine started on my collarbone and then under my arm - both of them are now well healed. I’m quite small chested so I didn’t suffer too much with under my boob - although this is a much deeper red than the rest of the area … also I just split & flaked - no weepy bits.

I was given intrasite gel and none sticky dressings too and it cleared up quite quickly. I’m at the stage where some bits are flaking and some are healed.

Boob still achy and at time rock hard and I still get stabby pains.

What I was wondering is roughly how long after rads do we get recalled to the oncology department.