Aching from head to toe

Hi all. I finished my rads on 4th September, I don’t know if it’s related, but for the past few days I have been feeling rubbish.  I have a tight feeling in the bottom of my throat at the front with occasional pain up towards my ear, i am knackered and I ache all over. I went to see the doctor yesterday who thinks I have a virus. She also told me to keep an eye on my temperature because its a bit high and gave me antibiotics just incase (apparently my tonsils are red) and signed me off for the week. I felt slightly reassured,  as when it started I had decided that it had spread to my throat.


This morning I got a copy of a letter sent from my rads nurse to my doctors saying if I have hard glands or aching that doesn’t ease with painkillers I should go to see the consultant.  So I am now back to panicking,  I think I will phone my bc nurse tomorrow if I am still feeling pants.



There is always something that makes us take a step backwards and the anxiety monster comes out again, sending you a virtual hug, but it does sound more like what the doc said, perhaps tonsilitus, and with the way the weather is at the moment would not be surprised that you have picked up a bug.


Helena xxx

The rational side of my brain knows you are right. The slightly fuzzy very irrational tamoxifen riddled grumpy side quite often over rules it however! 

Hope uour feeling better eggster xx

Hi Eggster

not wanting to over-simplify, but what you are describing sounds like the horrible virus i had start 5 weeks ago, and it took 4 weeks to finally depart.Nothing to do with rads for me, as they finished 7 months ago, but just bad luck to get something that is apparently doing the rounds. High temp, aching muscles, tight chest etc.  I took to my bed with it which is really unusual for me, and slept for 16 hours when it first started, so it may be that you have it too. Maybe better that than rads-associated anyway - let’s hope. It’s the nearest thing I’ve ever had to flu, so it seems to be a powerful bug at the moment. Hope you feel better soon. xxxxxx

Thanks (I think! ),  my mother in law came over today and said the same.  I feel pants, I hope you are feeling better now!  

I am feeling a bit better today,  other than a stinking headache and my throat is still painful,  so fingers crossed I got off a bit lighter than you poor thing!