aching joints and tamoxifen

Just to put my two pennorth in… I pestered the doctors to change me to Nolvadex and it took a year before they would but it has made no difference to joint pains. Flushes are a bit better but that could be coincidence.


well there you go.
i have been on tamox for 2years and in the last coupleof months my fingers and legs have been aching, wondered what was going on. am moving to arimidex soon… possibly even more pain, what price is life, lol

Hi All,

Want to bring this thread up for discussion again - I’m 34 and on CMF at moment - had epi and tax but i have noticed my joints hurting - ankles, hands arms shoulders, knees and fingers are all so achey - most of u ladies say this is down to tomoxifen but i haven’t even started that yet. I feel so old and achey and get worried about bone mets. The last few days my butt cheek is hurting now i don’t know if its because my 4 yr old punched in the bum when playing or its achey bones or sometimes i even think its bone mets.


Sukey - sorry you are suffering. I’ve just had my second last tax and the leg pain is terrible (have morphine syrup to help me sleep) after each dose and am dreading the tamoxifen if I feel like this with just the tax. My skin is peeling off the palms of my hands and my feet really hurt. I’ve also got a few black toenails and one is being held on by the sides of the toe rather than the bottom! My fingernails are a mess after the FEC - with nasty white ridges up them. Saving a fortune at hairdressers - spending it at beauty salon getting nails done weekly!

I’ve had three tax and after each tax I have to walk downstairs one step at a time - in fact, at times I feel I can barely manage it. I’m like a 90 year old lady with bad flu - rather than the sprightly, reasonably active 41 year old I actually am.

I’m going to give the tamoxifen a chance, but I’m not putting up with pain like this for 5 years. Apparently APS’s version of tamoxifen doesn’t cause the same weight gain - which I also can’t afford. Perhaps I should alternate - one month APS, the next Nolvadex!

Sukey - You really must get your fears allayed about the bone mets - get appt with onc now.

All the best to everyone - don’t let pain grind you down - get help from SOMEONE - and don’t listen to those who say it doesn’t hurt (I had a midwife like that once…I asked her if she had any children…she didn’t… so my answer was "so how the heck would you know if this hurts or not?). The oncs have probably not had breast cancer - how would they know anything about it really???

Hi Sukes

If you feel it would help, call our helpliners for further advice, information and support on 0808 800 6000 about the symptoms you are experiencing. The line opens Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

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