aching on tamoxifen and zoladex

hi all not posted for a while. ive been on tamoxifen 2 years and zoladex 15 months. when i get out of bed in the mornings really ache, i feel i have done a marathon the night before. is this normal. ive just started taking painkillers to see if it helps. i am nearly 2 years since dx. thanks gaynor

I’ve been on Tamoxifen and Zoladex for a year now, and yes I’m a bit achey when I first get out of bed but it soon eases off. I’ve always assumed it’s my age (52) rather than the medication. I do 20 minutes of Pilates exercises every evening and I find that helps a lot, especially in getting rid of the foot and calf cramps that I had been suffering.

hi. i think i am going to start some form of exercises. i am 42 but feel more 60. not sure if i am getting a cold too woke this morning with a sore throat. i dont think this english weather helps. thanks gaynor

I think just going for a walk each day can help ease stiffness in muscles, and the fresh air is good even if it’s a bit damp!