Acupuncture and Fatigue study


I have just read in my journal that a study is to be undertaken in Manchester and London, into whether acupuncture can help women with BC cope with fatigue.
I have not thought of trying anything like acupuncture!!

Kim x

Hi Kim

They offer acupuncture at the Breast Cancer Haven, maybe contact them and give it a go? They do all kinds of therapies, 12 for free.

There is one in London, Hereford and one due to open in Yorkshire in 2008

Cecelia. x

question. when even getting as far as the bathroom is a struggle, when every letter typed takes effort … how on earth do we get to anywhere for any therapy at all?

now, where did my pillow go to…

I know how you feel Quisie, I was hoping today would be better, but still crawling around the house, although not as bad as yesterday which in turn was not as bad as the day before! I have reflexology booked tomorrow morning and I’m going to drag myself there as if my life depends on it! It really helps me.

Give the Haven a go if you are anywhere near London or Hereford, and if you can make it, they really are angels there.

Cecelia. x

thank you. I would really love to go to the Haven … but, it is a 25 mile drive each way. Today I MUST go to the post office, it is only a mile, two minutes by car, but it will wear me out. This fatigue means that the choices are no longer, ‘will i have a coffee and mooch around when I go shopping?’, more of a ‘do i heat up a meal OR wash up?’ I just trust that once it is over my energy comes back. Perhaps the Haven will still accept me once this is all over with :smiley:

Hi Quisie

Yes they will, they will accept anyone during or after treatment for Breast Cancer so see what you can do when you feel a little more energetic.

Do try them if you can, they will treat you well. I hope your fatigue lifts a bit soon. I know how you feel, I had to sleep for 2 hours from the effort it took me to get in and out of the bath yesterday then I got horrendous stomach cramps and spent about 20 mins on loo!

Not nice is it? I really hope you pick up soon

Cecelia. x

Hugs and thanks Cecilia

and, actually, once chemo/surgery/rads are all over, it would be rather nice to be pampered :wink: