Does anyone know if it is a good idea to try acupuncture for symptoms of chem and/or general wellbeing.

Has anyone had it or tried it?

Any information would be gratefully recieved.

I have secondary breast cancer and am not sure if it is a good idea?

Hi, Fay. I answered your thread on Secondaries on this. I am sure that if you talk with an experienced acupuncture practitioner, maybe double check s/he is on the list provided by the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol, explain where you are in your diagnosis and treatment, you will get an honest opinion on whether this is a good time to have acupuncture or not. An experienced acupuncturist has many, many different techniques to chose from. I feel it is more likely to direct the healing energies in your body to where they are needed (as does Tai-Chi/Chi Kung) than to do any damage or increase your risk.
Wishing you well,