Does anyone know if it is a good idea to have acupuncture. I have never tried it, but oftern thought about it.

Has anyone tried it? Is it good for side effects of chemo and other cancer treatments (eg hormone treatment)?

Any information would be good

thank you

I had ear accupunture which really helped by hot flushes, a side effect of the arimidex I’m taking. This was through my local hospital Cancer Care Centre so it was free. i have heard of others using their local hospice.
I’d definately recommend.


i’ve done two sessions of acupuncture, each time in the week following chemotherapy. i don’t know if it is coincidence but i’ve woken up feeling better both times - omre energy and less sick. the first time i went i also had bad sinuses which cleared up. i’m going to stick with it through chemo i think.

I had acupuncture once a week thru RT and am sure it helped. I’d had it before for bak pain when it was really helpful, years before the BC showed itself and since I’ve had it hoping it would boost and balance my energy. Don’t let the doc. stick needles in your arm on your mastectomised side if you had a mastectomy. Remember to point that out and be insistent. If they don’t agree with you, change acupuncturist. Your hospital should be able to recommend you a practitioner.

Wishing you well,