Additional CT scan



EDITED TO ADD: Got answers yesterday.


Hi everyone


I’ve had a lumpectomy and taking Tamoxifen. I was fortunate that the margins were good so I didn’t need to have chemo. I went for my radiotherapy planning appointment and had a CT scan as part of it. When I went to the first radiotherapy appointment they told me that they had added in an extra appointment for me to see one of the doctors next week. Then yesterday I got a letter to say I had been referred for an investigation and need to have a CT scan on my thorax at the beginning of a June.


I had a heavy cold at the time of the planning scan so I’m wondering if that had something to do with it.


Has anyone else had a similar thing? No one has mentioned this extra scan to me previously so I wasn’t expecting the extra appointments.


Thanks all 


Hi Dio, I had exactly the same. A second unexpected CT scan. I had had chemo though. An anomaly had shown up on my first scan which was spotted by the consultant radiographer at the MDT. My treatment was adjusted after the results of the second scan. It is worrying ,but until you get it sorted it’s just big deep breaths - again, and a day at a time - again, and playing the waiting game - again! Yours could be a poor scan, it could be open to interpretation, so best get it sorted. X