Hi there
Has anyone considered adoption, I am having menopause syptoms and coming to the end of my epi/cmf so i doubt very much I will be able to have anymore children, I would love a playmate for my little boy so thought adoption would be the best bet, but my husband thinks we will be turned down because of my breast cancer, has anyone been down this road or can you help, I think we are perfect for adoption.
Any help please!!!

I had lots of menopausal symptoms and no periods for ages and now am regular as clockwork so dont despair yet. Give yourself time to get over the chemo and then see how you are


I would also be interested if anyone knows about breast cancer and adoption
We tried for 4 years before we concieved our son. He’s now 7 and again we have been trying to have another since he was born. We had been thinking of adopting (or looking into it)before i was diagnosed this year. As i now have secondaries i dont know if adoption agencies would consider us as parents.

I work for a fostering agency and undertake assessments for prospective foster carers. I’ve also done assessments for prospective adoptees. Your health situation is something that is taken into account when being considered for adoption or fostering. As a part of the process, a report is requested from your GP and the agency’s medical officer has to assess how it may impact on any children placed with you. Most children coming into the care system have had damaging and traumatising experiences during their lives. They have already experienced loss and separation. Consideration has to be given to anything that may impact on the child. It may be that the agency decides that your health situation may impact on a child placed with you however they should be able to form a judgement before you go through a lengthy assessment process. What you also need to consider is that children in care often have many and complex needs. You need to consider your own health needs and whether or not you can cope with the often very demanding task of caring for an adopted/fostered child. Any agency will look at each case individually. There is nothing to stop you from contacting the Local Authority or an agency “on spec”. Check out your local social services or the BAAF website-British Association of Adoption and Fostering for details of agencies. You can have an informal chat or request an inital visit. Be up front with them and they will be straight with you.