Advice for after lumpectomy/radiology care

Hi all,


I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I am trying to be prepared for recovery after the operation (on 30th November) and also after Radiotherapy (which I am pretty certain I will be having although any other treatment is unknown at this point).  I am having a single lump removed, and I think 2 sentinel nodes at this initial stage.


I need to have my bra size confirmed, to make sure I get something that fits properly after the op, but I am not sure when the best time to do this is.  Should I go before the op, while my boobs are untouched, or should I go after the op?


I see from another thread that either the Genie bra or the Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra is the most comfortable to wear, so I hope to get some of those, but want to be sure what size to get first!


I know people take different times to recover from surgery, and there is also the possibility of further surgery if they need to take more tissue, but approximately how soon after the (last) op would wearing a bra be ok?  


As a separate issue, I know that I am likely to have radiotherapy and that can cause dryness of the skin etc, so I am wondering what the best type of moisturing lotion is to use to help alleviate this as much as possible?  Any particular brands recommended?  Any other advice as far as this is concerned would be gratefully appreciated too.


Thanks all, your time and assistance is very much appreciated.



Hi there,
I bought a bra before the same op as you but it turned out to be useless. The lymph node scar is at the top of breast, near underarm, so it’s more important to get a bra that does not rub in that area.
I ended up wearing a boob tube that my daughter gave me, then got an amazing soft bra from M&S.
The BReast care nurse just said to wear my oldest comfiest bra, she was right.
Unfortunately I have to return for mastectomy now so all these bras will be obselete anyway.

Take care Twinks x

Hi sturtmoore, i brought a post op bra which was quite expensive, found it very tight and uncomfortable, wore it once , i got a double pack of tee shirt bras with no wires from marks and spencer for about 8.00 and they were perfect, still wear them now, my op was july, as for creams all hospitals seem different for recomendations, mine adviced, simple soap to wash with, aveeno moisturiser, or aloe vera gel 99 percent pure, and diprobase was another suggestion, i used all 3, my favourite was aveeno.


Good luck on your journey, all the best

Hi, I had the same on 15 Sept. Now 2 weeks in to radiotherapy. Like you I wanted to be ready. I wouldn’t have found it realistic to go shopping post op or comfortable to have no support postop. In fact I wore my bras at night as well as day for a while. Very useful to have front opening as getting your arm behind your back or above your head will be limited at first. You need soft and seamless and no wires. I bought Amoena postop bras, which were comfortable and supportive, on the basis of my present size which was fine (the lumpectomy leaves a funny shaped bit of breast rather than overall loss and you’re swollen to begin with anyway). The underbreast band rolled up a bit but wouldn’t have done on someone thinner! For radiotherapy I have been really careful of my skin and so far so good. No bras at all. I’ve worn soft cotton stretchy tank tops which don’t move around, under a smarter loose top when I’m out and soft loose clothes or nightie when at home. Used Simple soap, no deodorant (2 showers a day, one just before radio to make sure no cream residues as well as not stinky!), E45 lotion straight after radio and bedtime shower and then again periodically. Did use Aloe Vera 99.99% Holland and Barrett. Cooling but my skin went bright red with it after a couple of days so stopped - doesnt affect most people like that and highly recommended by others. E45 been fine on its own. Dont know what work you do but dont assume youll leap back to it - be gentle on yourself. Mine is very full on and I tend not to eat at all or even get to drink much til im home. Ive largely done paperwork at home up to now. You need to rest, eat, drink and not get too stressed, to heal. Radiotherapy is a time consuming hobby although its theoretically half an hour a time. My ritual - eat healthy lunch with LOTS of water, shower, change, drive to hospital, wait, treatment, drive back, change, E45, lots of water. Takes roughly 1 til 6 pm. My only complication so far has been a seroma and overlying cellulitis last week, now settling. V unusual so long after surgery and so early in radiotherapy. Seroma drained by needle and on antibiotics. No one knows why. No skin problems so I can only think there was a smallish seroma there already which got a bug from somewhere. I assumed lumpiness and pain in my boob where the tumour was removed was scar tissue forming - may be should have had it looked at. That’s the only tip I can give you re my infection but as I said rare I’m told so prob not an issue for you. Also on Letrozole and awaiting bisphosphonate infusion. Letrozole no bad side effects. Overall not bad at all so far. Worst was all the bits where youre waiting for results or plans or dates. It helps to take control of what you can as you are clearly doing - well done. Remember on line sites are often full of people whose care hasnt gone so well and dont be scared by them. I’ve had a couple of results worse than expected and it is a frightening and saddening business but this is a relatively good outcome cancer, from your plan youre at the good end of the spectrum, and the discomforts of treatment are temporary and necessary. I wish you all the luck in the world. Xxxx