Advice for sore mouth

Hi all,I had my first FEC chemo a week ago & have had the normal nausea etc side effects so far but now that I feel like eating my mouth & throat is red & sore. Trying not to think about it ( not the worst side effect compared to before!) But just wondered how I can try & stop it getting worse,my mum suggested salt water?

Hi EAM28

While you are waiting for other members to come along with some answers to your query, I have attached a link to the thread “Top tips to get you through chemotherapy”.  There are a few things on there relevant to sore mouth.  Hope this helps.

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Thankyou less! I went to a pharmacy today & got the proper mouthwash & just started using my little girls bonjela! X

Thank you nikki49! Il be aware of that then. Yeah I’ve heard of difflam but they gave me benzydamine at the pharmacy yesterday. No my team haven’t given me much of the heads up I’m afraid - found everything out on here so far! X

Hi EAM28,


I had exactly the same thing, didnt find out about difflam till later on !

I used a good manuka honey, teaspoon on the tongue and keep it the as long as possible, that helped me !

If you have a thick white coating across your tongue in the morning its oral thrush, i got this too along with ulcers and splitting tongue. The chemo nurses can prescribe you fluconazole, i had 7 days worth of pills each time and that cleared it.


I think its different for everyone, i drink a lot of green tea, they say cold will help the tongue and throat but i found green tea with just normal honey in eased my tongue and throat !


good luck and hope all goes well

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Thank you Kay 73:) My auntie bought me some manuka honey when I was DX so she must have known it would come in handy! I’ll try that. The mouthwash seems to have cleared up the sore red bits but found a big ulcer last night so got some adult bonjela today! You don’t know what you’re gonna need until you go through it do you?! Xxx

Thank you Maryland:),
Feels a lot better this morn so the bonjela must be working. But will get some as got a long way to go yet so get all the back up I can! Xx