advice needed please-should I go ahead with chemo

Hallo ladies,
I had a lumpectomy and node sampling done on 27th September. They found cancer in one of 13 lymph nodes sampled that day.
Lumpectomy didn’t work so went on to have full mx on 27th October.
Surgeon said that was the correct decision as there were further suspicious cells but he was sure they had got it all but he referred me on to oncologist due to the one affected lymph node.
I saw oncologist this morning who said that I could just continue with tomaxifen or go for 6 cycles of chemo to try and ensure that the cancer hadn’t spread.
She gave me a long list of side affects but said that it was my decision, so I said that I wanted to go ahead with chemo.
Now I’m sitting here writing this I’m not so sure. My BC nurse said that if it was her she’d go ahead and throw everything at it.
I just wanted to know what other ladies would choose to do in my situation.

Hi Wendy
As you know I had wle, snb followed by mx. I had clear nodes but still went on to have chemo. The oncologist will always give you the choice as in the end it is your decision. Did she show you the percentage difference to recurrence that having chemo would make? I think that is what most of us make our final decision on. If she didn’t you can go online and do the calculations yourself. For me it was a 5% difference and that was good enough.
Nobody wants to go through chemo but as others will say it is doable and if it increases the odds in your favour then it is worthwhile. Px

Hi Wendy, i had 2 nodes affected and a lumpectomy, i went for the chemo 6 cycles and radio 20 sessions, i have no regrets about going for the chemo, yeah its not great but i coped really well, i was fortunate to carry on with life as normal all the way through chemo and rads, i look after my 2 year old twin grandaughters while my daughter works, i would say go for it, throw everything at it . hope you come to the right decision for you.Take care Sandrae

Hi Wendy

I would fight it with everything the hospital will throw at it. I wasn’t given the choice about chemo. I start mine soon but none of my nodes were affected - they did a SNB when they did the mx.

Hi Wendy
I had full mx, I had no nodes affected but went ahead with chemo anyway, my choice. No-one says it’s a piece of cake, but on the other hand, not everyone gets all the side effects. I just wanted to throw everything at it, so I did and here I am, 4 years on. For me there just didn’t seem to be a choice. The best of luck whatever you decide. xx

Hi Wendy,
I would agree with others - if offered take it all! Not going to be a nice experience to go through chemo but it is just 6 months of your life and you won’t having ‘what-ifs’ lurking at the back of your mind. You’ll get through it.

Hi Wendy, an understanding of your particular gain from Chemo in terms of DFS and recurrence risk versus the SE’s of Chemo is probably a good start for your decision making. Your oncologist can explain so you can make an informed choice. I wasn’t keen on Chemo either and must say the onc was a bit brutal in asking if I wanted to see my boys grow up! Heavy duty tactics! But in the end it’s your choice. As said before, in the end I wanted to be able to think I did all I could to raise my chance of not having a recurrence. You could also ring the helpline, they may be able to assist you further! X

Hi there
All I know that before meeting my onc, I was seriously hoping chemo would not be part of the plan, as from all I had read I would be a borderline case but having seen him, talked it through thoroughly, asked direct questions about the difference between having and not having it on my long term prognosis and likelihood of it reoccurring, there did not seem to be much of a decision to make.

I know it is not pleasant, to varying degrees, but I do know I really do not want to have to go through the last couple of months again, if I can do anything to avoid it, I will.

As my onc said belt and braces on everything, and at the end of the day, I can read all sorts of articles and opinions, but they don’t train doctors for many years for no reason.

Having said all of the above, if you are not happy with what you are being told, ask for a second opinion.

SJ xx

I would grab the chemo with both hands. There are SE and obviously toxins in your body - it effects you physically and mentally and it not very pleasant. However having gone through it myself I would go through it again if I needed to - if it gives you a better survival/reoccurance rate then for me its a no brainer. We are all different though and you have the weigh the pro’s and cons up for yourself. good luck with your decision xx

I had a mastectomy & reconstruction in September,with no lymph nodes affected and I thought I had avoided chemo but my oncologist explained the reasons for having it so I’m currently half way through a course of 4 cycles,its not all plain sailing with the side effects but its manageable and you do get plenty of days when you feel fine which outweigh the bad days,my advice would be go for it as you will get through it,top tip listen to your body during chemo and when it says I’m tired and can’t be bothered to do anything but rest,snuggle up on the sofa and do just that … rest! Best of Luck x

hi there

I would def take it as you will probably be left with doubts if you don’t which may mess you up more than going through with it. everybody on here who has it says it is not as bad as your fears and is doable - it’s not going to be nice but neither is worrying yourself if you don’t have it. I see my ONC monday but know I will have chemo as I am triple neg and had 3 nodes so it’s my only treatment option.

Hello Wendy
I had WLE & AC four years ago and was offered chemo because they found one positive node. I accepted it because I wanted to feel that I had done everything possible to get rid of the cancer.

As everyone else has said, it’s not nice, but it is doable. We all get through it. If I had to make the same choice again I would have the chemo.

You may have some side effecs, but we all react differently and they give you lots of help and advice to get through it.

Good luck and best wishes
Anthi x

HI there i was also given the dilemma of having to choose i had WLE and no nodes affected but decided that any percentage of it being an advantage was good enough for me and couldnt do the what ifs should it ( god forbid) come back again i wanted to know i had done everything to obliterate it and now all treatment is finished im really glad i decided on the chemo .xxJulie