Advice needed please

Hi to all the brave people on this forum,

I am 43 years old and had a routine mammorgram two weeks ago. I recieved a letter today recalling me for an ultrasound and further mammogram in two days time as there was an area in my left breast that was unclear.

I phoned the breast unit for some feedback and all they could tell me was that an area in my left breast needed a further look, the Dr had not indicated that there was anyting sinister in my notes, but that I would get the results of any finding on the same day
I have had lymph nodes and two lumps removed in the past, all of which have been benign.

Rightly or wrongly, I am a little anxious but not unduely worried. My husband has now asked if I want him to come with me, I had not thought about taking anyone with me, just thought I would go along to my appointment. I do not want to make a fuss or make a big issue of it. What is everyones experience of this situation?

Much love


Hi Rachel and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and advice for you, in addition our helpliners are on hand weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000 so please feel free to call for a listening ear

Take care


Hi Rachel, I’m new on here as well but I know we will get lots of support as we progress along the way!
It sounds like a routine recall and of course it’s entirely up to you whether you want your husband or anyone else to go with you to the appointment. I tend to go to appointments alone as I find I can cope better that way, but I’ve seen entire families in the waiting room who all troop in to the (tiny) consulting room with the patient.
Good luck, whatever you decide
Annie x

Thanks Annie.
I am so sure all is ok and it’s a routine recall. I think my Lovely Husband just wanted to be there for moral support if things turn out differently. Will sleep on it I think. I just don’t want to unnecessarily waste other people’s time.
Good luck with your own treatment. I find it remarkable how supportive people can be even when going through all of this themselves.

Thank you for replying


I also went alone with my 11 year old as I passed it off as if nothwish eft half way thru asked my hubby to meet me there, I am glad I did. I have finished all treatment now and hoping you don’t have to have any and it’s benign but just incase take moral support Hun. All the best lovely xx

Hi Rach
Like you I also didn’t want a lot of fuss and took it all in my stride. On my second visit I took my mum(she’s a volunteer at the hospital so didn’t have to pay car park charges!) and I had a second and third mammogram plus various examinations. Ultrasound couldn’t find anything even though mammogram showed small area of dots. Ended up having biopsy which is quite uncomfortable. I think even though I didn’t get results that day, it was nice having someone there that you know who is supporting you… they can hold your handbag and stuff!
It’s up to you, but it’s nice to have someone to talk to in the waiting room in between examinations.

Hope it all goes well for you. Take care

JF x

Hi Rach,
I hope this is all sorted out on the spot and everything is fine for you.
However it is a difficult one taking your husband or not. I took my sister-in-law to my very first consultation after being diagnosed and when the treatment plan was being discussed. She helped by asking questions I didn’t think about and recalling info the dr said that I forgot or didn’t understand.
I take my husband along when I am going to have to decide something. Like what sort of surgery I was going to have. That way we can discuss it as it does and will effect him as well as me.
If it’s just routine I tend to go alone.
I think you find what works for you. You could always take him along to the appointment and if you don’t feel at the time that you want him in with you he can wait in the waiting room, or you could ask the nurse to call him in if you need it at the time. If it’s nothing - which hopefully it will be - you get a ride to the doctors, or you have your husband to lean on.
Wishing you all the very best

hi lovely ladies,
Thank you for your comments. I am still of the mindset to go alone as I am sure it is nothing, but I am mindful of his feelings too. Have left it with him and given him the choice. I will be happy either way. It may put his own mind at rest though as he works over an hour away from home. Am thinking though if he does come I don’t have to scramble around for a parking space, so could be a plus !!!

Thinking of you all and what you are dealing with while trying to help inspiration are all fantastic.
thank you for the support

much love

Hi, thought I would add my thoughts to the mix.
Whilst I understand why you feel you ought to go alone and I hope the news will be good. There might be a slight chance that you will need your husband there, in case the doctor has to tell you a few ‘uncomfortable’ things. You might not take everything in, or think of what questions to ask. You husband could remember things you might forget, or ask questions you had never thought of. That was certainly the case when I went for my results. But it is entirely up to you of course.
Hoping for good results for you.
Poemsgalore xx

Ok. So I have been back today for recall appt. Compression mammogram on left nipple then ultrasound. Doctor asked if i had discharge from that nipple and said there was increased density behind the nipple. He said all seems ok after these further images.
can someone please explain to me why I still have a sense of unease ?

Much love

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