advice needed please

hello… i am new to here, but wanted some friendly advice.
I found a large lump 3 months ago and went to see g.p beginning of august.She said there was definitely something there and would refer me to be seen hopefully within in 2 weeks. I did not hear anything and in the mean time developed a rash and a lot of bloody discharge so i went back and saw another g.p who said he would try and get me seen quickly, although he said the lump seemed to have 6 weeks later the lump and other symptoms are still there so i rung the hospital who said i would not get an appointment before the end of October. Do you think i should go back to g.p again or will the end of Oct be a reasonable time to wait. I am getting myself very worked up with worrying but feel like a hypochondriac keep visiting the g.p.Just wondering how long others had to wait to be seen. many thanks for reading.

I went to GP with a lump and was seen within 9 days at a one-stop BC diagnostic clinic (Consultant, mammogram, ultrasound, neeedle biopsy and results all in one day). I went back for results of biopsy 5 days later and told about treatment plan.
You are definitely being messed around. Go to your GP today and demand to be seen urgently. You can’t afford to wait. And if it all turns out to be nothing, what have you lost? nothing but a bit of awkward feling for being pushy.
I can’t believe how you’ve been treated but sadly know from experience how easily you can slip through the net.
All the very best and i really hope it is good news for you
Jacquie x

hi wooly
If i were you and you are worried i would go back to your gp and be more demanding explain how worried you are, you dont want to be worrying until the end of october and you are not a hypochondriac ! i waited 2 weeks for my appointment at the breast screening clinic.
dont sit and worry make them listen
let us know how you get on
love galen xx .

Thanks both of you for taking the time to reply. I am a bit of a wimp and made to feel like i was wasting the g.p’s time last time i went, as he could not find the lump, so i spent many weeks wondering if i was imagining it. But it is still the same size but now deeper inside. Anyway thank you both again, i will attempt to make an appointment now, as from hearing your experiences the time scale does seem a long time.
Many thanks.
wooly x

After seeing GP i was telephoned the next day by the breast clinic and was seen 4 days later, it was a cancellation but i was told it would have been the following week anyway. I had mammogram,ultrasound, biopsy and was givan results sameday. I saw a consultant a week later for treatment plan and had my mastectomy a week later.
The lump maybe completely innocent, but i am quite sure your Gp can do more to put your mind at rest, my Gp phoned the clinic to get my appointment quickly.
I would definately go back just to get this sorted for your own piece of mind.
Hope all goes well. Rachel


Please go back to your GP and ask for them to get your appointment brought forward, they can do this as one of my appointments prior to diagnosis was moved forward at my GPs request.

The NICE & SIGN (scotland) guidlelines give times scales for investigations and treatment, without reading through them again (you can find links to them on here by searchng) I’m not sure how you are classed, but I am sure they have to see you sooner than that? Worth looking at, at least it gives you some clout to hit your GP with!

Good luck.


Thanks all of you for taking time to reply, i am currently trying to make an appointment, but engaged.Think I just needed some reassurance I wasn’t going mad or being a hypochondriac. Will let you know how it goes. Many thanks again.
Rachel x

Dear Wooly,

Basically if you aged over 30, find a breast lump and your GP agrees there is a lump you should be referred urgently to a breast clinic - i.e within 2 weeks. This is not because all such lumps are cancerous, indeed most of them aren’t, but because good medics like to quickly rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

I can say all this with some confidence because it’s all in the official guidelines which make clear when a GP should refer a woman to a breast clinic and whether she should be referred urgently.

I have included excerpts of the guidelines below.

There are two sets of guidelines covering the UK. If you live in England or Wales it is the NICE guidelines that you need to refer to. Scotland is covered by the SIGN guidelines. However both sets of guidelines say the same thing.

Please note that although it is up to the relevant doctor to decide whether to use the guidelines or not, the guidelines themselves are medically and legally robust. This means that they are evidence-based best clinical practice and will hold up in a court of law - a doctor who ignores the guidelines for no good reason and as a result causes harm to a patient may well find him or herself convicted of negligence.

In Scotland the SIGN guidelines can be found at

Assuming you live in England or Wales, the NICE guidelines on breast cancer can be found at:

The NICE guidelines state:

URGENT REFERRAL (within two weeks):
• Patients aged 30 or over (the precise age criterion to be agreed
by each network) with a discrete lump in the breast.
• Patients with breast signs or symptoms which are highly
suggestive of cancer. These include:
• Ulceration
• Skin nodule
• Skin distortion
• Nipple eczema
• Recent nipple retraction or distortion ( 3 months)
• Unilateral nipple discharge which stains clothes

• Breast lumps in the following patients, or of the following types:
• Discrete lump in a younger woman (age 30 years)
• Asymmetrical nodularity that persists at review after
• Abscess
• Persistently refilling or recurrent cyst
• Intractable pain which does not respond to simple measures
such as wearing a well-fitting bra and using over-the-counter
analgesics such as paracetamol.
Bilateral discharge sufficient to stain clothes in patients
aged over 50 years.
• Bloodstained discharge in patients aged over 50 years (urgent
referral required if discharge is unilateral).
• Any nipple discharge in patients over 50 years of age.

In short: if your GP has agreed that there is a lump and you are older than 30 years of age he/she should have referred you urgently so that you are seen within two weeks. The guidelines are entirely unambiguous about this.

Please go back and see the first GP and ask what has happened to your referral. You might like to take a copy of this message with you. I suggest that you take a friend/partner/relative with you too for moral support. If your GP has referred you urgently then the two week time limit for urgent cases is something that you can insist on. If there is a problem with the nearest breast clinic ask to be sent to another. If local breast clinics won’t cooperate ring up the Chair of the Board of your local NHS trust.

Having said all of this most lumps are benign so please, please don’t panic but the best way of being sure that the lump is benign is to be referred to a breast consultant at a breast clinic to have the appropriate tests done. And you are not wasting anyone’s time or queue-jumping; I repeat, you are not wasting anyone’s time or queue-jumping. The consultants are just as pleased if a lump is found to be benign as the woman concerned and they won’t be happy if your GP hasn’t referred you in a timely fashion.

Let us know how you get on.

With very best wishes,



Definitely keep on badgering the doctors until they refer you properly and tell them about when you first went 3 months ago and that you should not have to put on a waiting list, as you have been waiting this long, and they should get you seen within 2 weeks. I was referred within 2 weeks. You should not take no for an ansa, it is your body and your life and you need to find out what everything is and either find out it is nothing, or start some treatment.

Let us know how you get on and try to stay strong.

Take care

Thank you all for kind advice, especially your informative post sue. I have a sit and wait appointment this afternoon with the nurse and will see a G.P if necessary. Will let you know how it goes.Thanks for the support.
rachel x


just wanted to say ‘ditto’ to what everyone else has said really! You absolutely must go back to your gp and get referrred asap. Hopefully yours will not turn out to be anything sinister however the length of wait you’ve had so far is wholly unacceptable!!

Take care and let us know how you get on,


I also wanted to say ditto to all the above! I hope you got to see your GP today. You really should not be waiting this long for an appointment at the breast clinic. I am 34 and got seen within 2 wks at a one stop clinic. Had scan and biopsy done in one appointment and results two days later. Thankfully all was well and the lump benign but if it had have been BC I would certainly have not complained at the care I received.

Please be firm. Let us know how it went…


hi wooly i wld def go bk hon you def need to be seen in the 2 week rule get your doc to fax it through while your there

love to u