Has anyone got any advice or information on diets that are sensible to follow with regard to weight gain re Tamoxifen and menopause.
Also any advice on how to deal with bloatedness.
At the moment i don’t feel happy with myself and want to try to do smething about it.


Hi Karen - so identify with you - not found any solutions yet myself though! Started a low-fat diet 2 weeks ago and lost 3 lbs, but yesterday lost the plot completely and binged on chocolate! So probably put it all back on now! Got to start diet again today. Think best things we can do are combine healthy, low-fat diet with exercise. Best of luck, let us know how you go on. Love and hugs, Jean xx

Hi - I sent for the Eating Well - Being Active DVD which you can order from the publications on the Breast Cancer Care home page. I found it really useful and informative.

There is also a booklet which you can order or read on screen called Diet and Breast Cancer.

Hope this helps
Love and take care

Dear Karen

The following link will take you to the ‘Health and wellbeing’ page on the Breast Cancer Care website where you will find the booklet and DVD suggested to you by thistle:

Kind regards
Breast Cancer Care