Advice on a wig

I’m looking for any advice on buying a wig. I’m due to start chemotherapy in a few weeks time, so want to get a wig soon. I’ve already had my hair cut shorter in preparation.
Has anyone advice on the type of wig or the best style to choose. Also does the NHS wig voucher cover up to a max limit on what you can spend?
I’ve already done some searches on existing forum threads but wondered if anyone has any new advice to make this process less stressful! Thanks

Hi cath,

I had a pack from my hospital, with lots of different information, including addresses of wig places. I googled some if them and intended to visit a few. However, I bought a wig from the first shop I went in. There, as with everything, varying qualities, which are reflected in the price. I went before my hair style changed as I wanted something as close to my style/colour as I could. However, I did try on lots of different styles and colours! The lady in the shop was very knowledgable and gave me an honest opinion re what I suited and what I didn’t suit! In the end, I chose a style and she ordered me 2 different shades for me to choose - she was at pains to point out that I was under no obligation to buy either if I changed my mind. When I sent back I was amazed - the wig was practically my hair - even all the highlights!
So, there are lots out there - different quality and styles. Mine was average priced they told me and could expect it to last 6 months or so. I also tried on a real hair wig - which was £800. These take the same amount of looking after as your own would - and during treatment, she said that I might not be able to be bothered to maintain it. N to be honest, my synthetic wig looked a lot better!
I did get a NHS voucher, which went towards the cost, but didn’t cover it.
All in all, I loved trying them all on, and it was a positive experience for me. Hope this helps and good luck with your future treatment x x