Advice on appointment times

Am about to phone up for my Rad appointments. I am having to use the transport system they offer as I can’t drive and OH can’t get 4 weeks off to take me. Thats O.K. but they offer 4 times to choose from 9-11/11-1/1-3/3-5. Does this mean if I take the 9-11 slot I have to wait for the people who’s appointments are at 5. Does anyone know? I was going to pick the early one as I am up at 5.30 most days anyway.

Norma X

Hi Norma

Don’t use hospital transport so I don’t know, but my guess would be 9/11 means people with appointments within these times. If your appt was 9, you may have to wait around until after 11, but I certainly wouldn’t imagine you would be there all day. When I see the volume of people going through my hospital the transport would have to keep going all day!

Hope this helps


Yes thanks Nicky , at the end of the day a 70 mile round trip but hey in our situation
whats 4 weeks out of my life!

Norma X