Advice on buying post Mastectomy swimwear?

Hi All


I am due to gp on holiday over Christmas and just finding it hard and expensive:womansurprised: to find suitable post mastectomy swimear.


I had a mastectomy and reconstruction back in July and I would be grateful if anyone thinks I can just get away with just buying a formed cup costume instead  - would be alot cheaper :womanlol:


Any advice appreciated.


Thank You



I did order a couple of mastectomy swimsuits earlier in the year, Debenhams do quite a few online and so do Amoena. They came up very small, Amoena had a size chart to convert your bra size to their swimsuit size. I think my 36 became a 40, but it was still too small. If you live anywhere near Chandlers Ford I saw they do fitting appointments while the shop is closed in the afternoons.

I had to cancel my holiday because I had to have more surgery, so I didn’t bother changing them, just got refunds.

I guess the easiest thing is to try normal swimsuits first, some of those preformed cups might be fine.


Hope you enjoy your holiday!

I ordered a lovely swimsuit from Nicola Jane. The do extra long, which I was delighted with.  I love that swimsuit, but I think it was about £40.  But well worth it!


Hello Isad


Have you tried M&S for swimsuits? Post-surgery ones are not too expensive, or they have tummy control ones, which are ruched or pleated over the bustline and also come up quite high at the back and hide my scars.