Advice on continuing with Taxotere

I have been on Taxotere since June and had 11 treatments. I have been ill with side effects throughout, and my treatment was stopped a month ago (with 7 sessions remaining) due to an extreme reaction when I suffered bad chemo burns. These have now healed, except for nails hanging loose, and I see the Onc tomorrow with a view to where we go next. I had a scan and the Onc told me on the phone yesterday that the chemo so far has been very successful and as such, this might be an argument to continue with the taxo. When I saw him with the burns, he had talked about finishing off with a milder chemo, possibly even chemo tablets. My hope was that the scan would show I had received enough chemo and would be able to stop altogether. I am now quite distraught at the thought of having to go back to the Taxo, especially with Christmas coming up. I had hoped to be feeling a little stronger and able to eat and taste my food a bit by then. Now it looks as though I might spend all of December in bed again. As it is, I have barely left the house since June. On the phone the Onc also mentioned the possibility of a little break before continuing, but said we will discuss tomorrow. Has anyone else done this? I am tempted to ask if I can resume in Jan, is this just being foolish? I still have a chemo session booked in for tomorrow, and the Onc has said if we make the decision tomorrow, this could still happen. What would or has anyone else done in this situation.


Hi Ginnyj,

That is an awful lot of Tax but you have not said what you are being treated for or what other treatment you have had.

I am really bumping this up to the top again as someone might see it who has had a similar experience.

If your Oncologist says that you need to continue with the Tax it won’t harm to ask if you can have a break for a while.

Good luck,


Hi Ginny

I really feel for you. I had 4 lots of taxotere and that brought me to my knees. 11 sessions seems so many but then as Emmbee says we don’t know your circumstances.I did have a severe reaction to chemo and my dose was reduced by 25% which did help to cut back the severity of the side effects.

When you say chemo burns are you talking about a leakage from the vein of the chemo? If you have to have that many treatments have they suggested having a Portacath?

Perhaps you can talk to your Onc about how terrible this is for you and ask about other options. It sounds very reasonable to ask for a break over Christmas with this amount of treatment but only your Onc can advice whether this will be okay.

If your chemo went ahead you may not be up to posting again. Please though do let us know you get on.

A big hug to you
Elinda x

Hi! 11 sessions of Taxotere plus 7 to go making 18 in all sounds like a huge number in comparison to most peoples 6 or 8. Have you asked your onc why you are having to have so many? I’m really no expert, but if I were you I would be asking a lot of hard questions. It’s your body and ultimately your decision as to what you do.

Hi Girls

Thanks for all your replies. I have secondary cancer on the liver. I has my original BC 6 years ago when I had 4 sessions of AC. I should have made it clear that my Taxo is watered down to 1/3 of its usual strength, which is why I have so many sessions. I saw the Onc today and he felt that my hands had still not recovered enough to continue with chemo, so it is now suspended until I see him again in January. So I do have a nice break now to hopefully regain some strength. He says this will not have a negative effect on my condition or treatment so far. So I am feeling much happier now.

The chemo burns were not due to leakage from the vein, they were apparently an extreme reaction which is quite rare. I had burns on my feet, chest and neck, but it was my hands that were the worst and my nails are still suffering.

Thanks for your help and kind wishes. I wish you all lots of luck and love too. xxx


Thanks for coming back and telling us the result of your meeting with your Oncologist. Bad news that the burns have not yet cleared but really good news that you can have a break in your treatment.

Please come back and tell us how you are when you restart the Tax. In fact, just come on here any time if you want help or can help others.


Hi Ginny

Glad for your sake that you’re having a break from the Tax and that you should be feeling lots better by Christmas. Hopefully the chemo burns will be much improved too by then - sounds horrible.
Also good that the break in treatment won’t have any negative effect and that you have been reassured on that front by the Onc.

Hope you start improving soon.

Take care and best wishes
Elinda x

Hi Folks - hope you don’t mind me adding to your thread?

I’ve one last session of FEC to come (2nd Nov), then face three cycles of Tax - and wondered what your experiences have been. Have any of you done the FEC / Tax combo; how did the two regimens compare?

Getting mixed messages about whether FEC is worse than Tax and vice versa, so wondered what your consensus is?


I think from reading other experiences of tax, it seems as ever everyone is different.
I have had 4 x EC and 1 x tax, 3 tax still to go. I found the tax to be much harder going but have also read that the first is the worst. Also bare in mind that in this whole cancer journey i have discovered that i am quite a wimp. I go back for 2nd tax on wednesday and will be asking for different antisickness and will be discussing some concerns. I found the side effects to be much more intense with the tax although will say i recovered much quicker in the cycle. I think the trick is to stay on top of the side effects and take a day at a time.
hope this helps
take care

I had 4 FEC followed by 4 Taxotere and for me the tax se’s were much worse but it all passes [more or less]and I have no regrets.I finished in May 2007.In the same circumstances I would do it again…I think.
Love Vx

Hi Loocie,

Yes I had 3 X FEC and 3 X Taxotere and managed fine on both. The first cycle of each was the worst for me but nothing I couldn’t cope with. I had joint pain with Tax for a few days but it passed and I had none for the remaining 2 cycles. There is a very comprehensive thread on here about Taxotere which you might want to look at. Please remember though that everyone’s reaction is different, fingers crossed for you…

Wishing you all the best, take care