Advice on hair loss

My hair has just started falling out, i.e. if I run my hands through it then I get about 10 or so hairs in my hands (I know the advice here would be SO DON’T DO THAT! but it’s almost like morbid curiousity). So far it isn’t noticeable to look at. I have really cut down on how much I wash it but it’s been over a week now since I washed it and it’s getting really itchy (although this could be due to the loose hair I suppose). I’m worried that if I wash it, loads will fall out all at once and it will become really noticeable. So, can anyone advise me on what’s best i.e. should I wash it or not at this stage? I know everyone’s hair loss experience is different but a general idea would be useful. The whole hair loss thing isn’t bothering me too much at the moment but that’s probably because it isn’t noticeable yet. So, to wash or not to wash, I guess, sums it up.
By the way this is my first time on a forum like this, I am due my second chemo of eight later this week, the plan at the moment is 4 FEC then 4 T if that helps people answer my question.

hi, welcome to the forum. I know nothing at all about hair loss, because I am quite new on the journey, not even properly diagnosed, but there are lots of people here who have had treatment with and without cold caps. I am sure one will come along soon. I will check again tomorrow morning and if you have not had a reply i will bump you back up to the top again.

you will get such a lot of advice and support here. In the meantime try clicking on the links on the left hand side on undergoing treatment and you might find some answers there

Hi just want to say my hair is falling out just likes yours but it’s driving me nuts on me clothes and pillow I haven’t washed for a while but will tomorrow gtg out it will come out when u wash it but takes time to notice this is my second lot of chemo so the first lot I shaved it will wait to see how it goes for now but in answer to y question I’m not really sure was told to kp washing etc to a min tc Laura

Hello Smiffy

Most of my hair fell out three weeks after my first FEC so it sounds as if yours may be starting. I was told not to wash it more often than once every 2 days to help prevent the loss. I was also told that it helps to use a wide toothed comb. You don’t say if you’re using the cold cap. I used the cold cap for my first chemo, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. However, some of the women I saw in the chemo unit had excellent results from the cold cap and also by not washing their hair too much and by treating it very gently.

I don’t know what to advise about washing it at your stage. The itchiness may be due to you having left it for more than a week, but I do remember also that mine itched before it started to fall out. (I also had a very sore scalp when it first fell out).

I hope you manage to keep some of your hair. If it does all go then you will find soft cotton scarves and caps the most comfortable things to wear.

Lots of luck. Best wishes - Anthi x

my hair started to come out after 14 days by 16 days the pain was too much (like someone pulling it 24/7) so i had it cut short 2 days after that i shaved it off and 2 days after that i took the bic razor to it now it dont hurt no longer falling out on to my grandson feels cold alot lol but pain free


Hi Smiffy

I didn’t wash it and for some reason it didn’t look like it needed to be washed. I managed 21 days after FEC1 before I could stand it no longer and had found a hair in a chocolate cake I’d made! I then washed it and it all came out, literally - I could pull gently and it came out. I had some wispy bits left (picture logo) and I cut these very short. I couldn’t bear to shave my head so was left with short wispy bits all the way through my chemo. Once it started growing I did a number 1 all over so it would grow at the same length - but it’s not doing!!

Hope this helps. Good luck with the rest of your chemo and embrace your blank head with pride! It does feel fab when the weather is hot.


Thanks everyone, I think it’s now all largely academic, my hair has been falling out in great clumps all day so I am about to wash it as I can’t stand the itchiness anymore! So much for scalp cooling…! It didn’t work for my mum and it hasn’t worked for me!

Just done my second EC … it was about day 19 after my first EC when hair came out in huge clumps… despite the cold cap and doing all am told. Used the cold cap for the second and now have a bandana on constantly … daren’t take it off … but its brilliant cos no hair is falling all over the place. So have ordered a load more. And the wig is on the way.
Not sure yet whether I will continue with the cap … see if its started to slow down or not. But I have no scalp pain whatsoever yet.

Hi Smiffy, my hair started to go 18 days after first fec. After a couple of days it got on my nerves finding it everywhere and the top of my scalp hurt. I had it shaved to a number 3 to start with, this relieved the pain immediately and was my way of easing into complete baldness. Then those tiny little bits of hair falling out all over were even more annoying, so after a week I shaved it off completely. I haven’t worn a wig, I stick with bandanas, floppy sunhats, or I just go commando!! I have completed 4 fec, and 3 tax, just one to go. My hair started to grow back about 3 weeks ago! Only on my head mind you, foliage in other places has disappeared too, but thats not such a bad thing!! Good luck honey, keep strong and wear your baldness as a badge of honour and courageousness.


Hi, personally I washed mine very gently but it did cause more to fall out. I had it cut quite short, as I didnt want long strands coming out. Its all gone now after chemo no2, just a bit of fluff. But, headscarves are very comfortable, try searching annabandana online, nice choices and reasonable prices. Good luck!