advice on mx drains

I had a single mx on Thursday 24th July. . With 2 drains inserted… how long does fluid keep coming through as it’s looking like it was congealing and blocking so released the tube a little and the blood fluid did drain through… now nothing appears to b coming through from the wound… is this normal as I don’t know how long the blood fluid comes through for 1…2…3…4 days etc or should I be worried that it’s congealed and clogged in my me wound

Mine were in for over a week I think it varies! If in doubt I would check with your hospital!

One of my drains stayed in for about 4 days the other for 6 days.  They wanted to discharge me from hospital with drains still in but I was very reluctant.  Luckily, there wasn’t any pressure to leave so I was able to stay (in an individual room).  I’d never had drains in before so didn’t know what to expect.  I also saw congealing etc. in the tubes which concerned me but as I was still in hospital I was able to ask straight away.


I agree with what’s already been said - ask the hospital staff for guidance.  If you’re no longer in hospital I think it’s very remiss that they did not give you some guidance on what to expect when sending you home with drains still in.