Advice on Planning Appointment


My mum has now finished chemo and she has her planning app for radiotherapy on Tuesday 4th Dec. She is getting slightly anxious as the appointment draws nearer. I was wondering if anyone could advise on a few things please:- She doesn’t like the sound of the permanent tattoos - how do they feel? Also after being on the simulator will we get all her hospital apps for the treatment there and then? Lastly I have read that vests may be better than bras for the rubbing - We are going shopping on Saturday so may be an idea to pick some up??

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Maree

I am now 15 sessions of radiotherapy down, only 8 to go!

Tell your mum not to worry about the tattoos. They are tiny, tiny dots that look just like freckles. I defy anyone to spot the one I have on my breast bone.
I have found little crop tops are best rather than bras. Matalan do them for £4 each in white and black.

The other thing I recommend is a huge tub of E45 cream. Start using it now to ensure the skin is soft and keep sloshing it on three times a day during the treatment. My radiographers told me my skin is holding up really well because I am doing this

Good luck to your mum

Sharon x

I was concerned abou the tattoos and i told the radio-ographer, she made them so tiny you cant really tell they are there unless you have very good eyesight and point them out!
Tell the radio-ographers your preferred choice of times each day ,othwise they will be all over the place! M&S do some great cotton bras and remember to moisturise with whatever they recommend.
Tell your mum it is quick and completely painless. The most i got was a bit of a rash and a bit of pinkness which went after 2 weeks of finishing treatment
All the best

I was asked what time of day I preferred and had all my appointments at a time convenient for me. I walked out of the planning appointment with a full schedule of appointments for 20 rads.

The reality was that they were always running late - I found that very frustrating and stressful, trying to fit everything in around an appointment that was never running to time (I work part time & have three children). I learnt to always ring up before leaving work to ask how late they were running, and try to time my arrival at hospital accordingly. This made life a lot more bearable.

I used aloe vera gel and have had no problems with my skin. I bought it from Holland & Barrett, it is 99.9%. You have to make sure anything you use is at least 95% pure.

As others have said, my tattoos are so small they are barely visible - you have to know what you are looking for to see them.

Hi Maree and everyone
I am like your Mum, I have my planning appt on thurs 6th and am dreading it. I think I am more scared than when I had my ops. I am such a coward that I have not even got pierced ears so am so frightened of the tattoos. Is it worth using the E45 now or starting after the planning meeting.Thanks for the advice about the crop tops
Best wishes


The tattoo is just a quick prick on the skin. It doesn’t hurt.
I started using my E45 cream ahead of time as part of my daily moisturising. I was advised to use it on my arm where I had the lymph nodes taken to keep that soft and hopefully avoid infection. It can’t do any harm to start now

Sharon x

Hi Sharon
Thanks for that.Good luck with the rest of your treatment
Best wishes


My mum wanted me to pass on her thanks for everyones comments - they have been helpful. She has been using E45 alot on her feet as she was on the tablet chemo which one of the main side effects were sore hands and feet so she will now use on her upper half in prep for rads.

Thanks again