Advice please, found a lump

Hello everyone

Im after some advice please.
I found a lump in my right breast 2 weeks ago went to my Gp who confirmed there was a lump and sent an urgent referral to breast clinic.
Im 47 and im post menopausal no periods for 4 years. My sister was diagnosed with BC 5 years ago at age 45.
I am worried as obviously i have a slightly higher risk because of my sister.
My lump it upper breast not just under the skin quite deep in breast. Not painful to touch and feels like a button.
Its the not knowing and waiting for appointment that is stressful.
Could this be cancer.

Jess x



Hello and sorry you find yourself in this situation, but you have come to a place where there are a lot of lovely ladies on here and we will be able to support you.


If a GP makes a referral to a breast clinic it is standard practice that you have an appointment date within 14 days from receipt of the referral, so hopefully you will have that very soon.  Obviously you are worried because of your sister having been diagnosed with breast cancer but the thing to remember is there are a lot of breast conditions other than breast cancer,


Let us know how you get on, remember not to google your symptoms as there is a lot of outdated and misinformation on there and each persons symptoms are different.


Sending you a hug 


Helena xxx



Hi Jess, Well yes it could be but it also could be many other things too, I was referred with a lump which turned out to be just fat , by chance during the checks they picked up something that did turn out to be cancer but it was nothing to do with the original lump and wasn’t palpable.

My point is although a breast lump makes us automatically think the worst it’s often nothing sinister, I too have family history as my mum died from BC so it’s extra scary but you have set the ball rolling and what ever the outcome nothing will feel as stressful as this not knowing stage, please let us know how you get on Xx 

My gp said as its urgent i should be seen within 2 weeks but i called the hospital and was told there is a 10 week waiting list and this is for urgent referrals. 10 weeks is too long to wait.



This is the link to the booklet on this website regarding referral to a breast clinic, it might be worth you having a read


Helena xx

I phoned my Gp today who confirmed it was sent a urgent but she cant do anymore as it was sent fast track but cannot do anything about waiting lists

I spoke to someone in admin at my local hospital where i was referred. My referral was on consultants desk since friday waiting to be looked at and i was told by admin that consultant had reviewed my referral today and it is 10 week waiting list to be seen.

Jess that is completely unacceptable especially as you have a family history, an urgent referral is just that, I had one and was seen within 6 days, I would be back on to my Gp in the morning and not letting up until I got some answers Xx 

Im new to this area and have never met this Gp anymore she was awful no reassurance no explanation. I have emails PALS at the hospital today and i am waiting for them to get back to me tomorrow x

Im in south wales the waiting lists are crap

She was an awful dr all she said was yes thats a suspicious lump and with family history i will send an urgent referral you should be seen in 2 weeks that was it she said nothing else. That was a week ago i have hardly slept since the thought of 10 weeks worrying is just too much

I have phoned hospital, emailed PALS and my local councillors, phoned Gp but getting no where no one seems to care. I was angry but now im just tired


Hi everyone thank you all for your comments and advice.


After emailing and calling so many people my assembly member took my case and said waiting 10 weeks is unacceptable, she emailed the chief executive of the health board today and this afternoon i had a call from the hospital offering me an app for tomorrow afternoon.


Now i am pleased to have an app but i also think it is just to keep me quiet. My app is at my local hospital outpatients department to see consultant so not at the breast clinic where i should be seen.

So i presume i will see consultant  but will have no tests and will still have to wait to be seen in breast clinic


Well i will not be leaving the appointment tomorrow without a breast clinic appointment thats for sure.


Jess xx

Had a good day saw consultant also had mammogram and ultra sound that were all clear. I am so relieved but i have a small niggling doubt, the consultant could feel the lump i can feel and said she thinks im feeling the breast plate. The ultra sound didnt see anything but the lump im feeling is quite deep.
Anyway i was given the all clear so will try just keep an eye on it but not overthink it.
Thank you all for your support and good luck to anyone waiting for apps and results

Jess xx

I might consultant couldnt feel what i was feeling

Thank you xx

Brilliant news Jess and all the more reason not to have accepted a 10 week wait to be seen! Can you imagine the stress you would have gone through for absoloutely nothing! Xx