advice please, implants under muscle

hi i am thinking of having a double mastectomy with implants under the muscle.

i have had bc twice now and am a carrier of brca1 so this is for prevention of any more cancers.

can anyone tell me if they have had this procedure, what the end result is like, also how was the recovery ?

thanks, dawn x

Hello Dawn

I had immediate recon after mastectomy (saline implant) back in October which is placed behind the chest muscle,

I have been going back to the breast clinic on a regular basis for gradual tissue expansion, it is taking time to get the desired effect but it’s slowly getting their, it can feel heavy and uncomfortable and sometimes I feel I have a brick on my chest, but I am realistic and know it will take a while to get it right,

I massage the implant twice a day with a good oil to try and get the implant to drop, so at the moment we are just seeing how it goes, I am due to start radiotherapy the end of the month, and I am hoping it won’t damage it in any way

I have just finished chemo so I still have some slight bruising that’s hanging around, but overall I recovered within a few weeks just be sure to do your exercises so that your muscles don’t tighten, I have been told that i will have the next op around three months after radiotherapy, to build the nipple and uplift if needed.

Hope this helps and do let me know how you get on
Ann x

I had a bilateral mastectomy with implants under the muscle 7 weeks ago. I was absolutely terrified beforehand and really wished I could have spoken to someone before I had the surgery.
The operation was virtually painfree - I was advised by my BC nurse to accept any pain relief offered, even if I thought I didn’t need it, as it is harder to control pain once it rears its head.
The results are amazing-scars below breast line and up to nipple but already fading fast. Word of advice - take it easy until scars heal as I got carried away and did a bit too much and opened up the wound.
I am going weekly for ‘pump ups’ where Dr puts in approx 100mls of saline - this is pain free although feels a bit tight for a day or 2.
I had very large and heavy breasts so am opting for small ones! Once the chemo is over I will have silicone implants inserted - think I can choose the shape-followed by work done on the nipple.
Even such a short time after surgery the results look better than I could have ever hoped. I have seen many photos of completed reconstructions using this method by my surgeon and others around the country and they all look good.
Good luck - will be thinking about you.

I am planning on having a LD flap bilateral mastectomy as I have had BC and I am a BRCA1 carrier.

I would be very interested to know if you had the LD Flap procedure, and what the wounds feel like on the back please? They also plan to remove my nipples, is this something you ladies have had?

Many thanks


I had bilateral mx with immediate recon with Beckers expandable implants - silicon with a saline pocket in the middle. I’ve only had a total of 100mls put in, in 2 goes. I thought I was going to be smaller than before, and I look smaller, but my bra size is only one cup size smaller (now 32F)! Implants come in a ranges of shapes and sizes, obviously.

My implants are not completely under the muscle. The top maybe third is but the rest is under a dermal flap. Not taken from anywhere else - I think that a thicker layer of skin is left. I’m not sure how many surgeons do this, but it feels fine, and I’ve got a really good shape.

One thing which I’m getting used to is that the muscle contracts and distorts the shape with certain movements, and I need to find different ways of doing things - moving my arms - to reduce that. My physiotherapist niece says it’s an occupational therapy issue.

Yes, my nipples were removed and breasts reduced. The scars are doing well. I’ll have nipple recon later this year.

Hope this helps and good luck with your decisions


Hi, Crystal

I’ve sent you a private message about the LD flap.


Hi I had a skin sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a subpectoral implant. It was virtually painless. I did have some fluid that needed draining after surgery and it took a long time for the bruises and swelling to disappear but I am pleased with it now. For a few months it felt hard and just stuck on my chest but I really don’t notice it now. It does feel part of me albeit with no sensation. I don’t regret it now but for about 6 months afterwards I wished I’d had a ‘softer’ reconstruction.But now I’m used to it and have since had nipple reconstruction and tattooing. It’s higher than the right breast and I’m thinking about having a 'lift’to that side now. Hope that helps.

Hi I had double macestomy with immediate reconstruction last November (had BC and have BRCA1). I had LD flap, skin and nipple sparing with tear drop implants. After op I had 8 drains in and stayed in hospital for about 10 days. Recovery took about 6 weeks and then I returned to work. Cosmetic result is good (went up 2 cups sizes - a bonus!) although one implant has moved and I now require another small op (overnight stay and off work for 2 weeks) to re-position it, apparently this is common with tear drop implants. If you want any further info, just PM me.


thankyou everyone for your comments, i feel a bit more confident now, i also have one other question if you wouldnt mind, my daughter inherited the brca1 mutation and at the age of 23 had double mastectomy with recon using her tummy fat ( i was soooo proud of her, she was so brave) she then found out that after the 10 hours of surgery she had been 2 weeks pregnant ! sorry im wandering off track, she has now recovered but unfortunately her nipples failed, when she asked her consultant about having them tattooed she was told to go to any tattoo shop and get them done !! i was horrified as was she. did all of you ladies have to do this ? i just assumed that it would be done at the hospital ?

sorry for the long winded question but hope you will reply, thanks again, dawn x

Dawn - I would ask for a 2nd opinion re nipple tattooing. My surgeon is doing it himself and everyone i’ve spoken to/read about have also had nipple tatooing done by their surgeon.

Chrystal - I believe the nipples are always removed.